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Ecdysterone Finally Has It’s Day In The Sun

By Coach Rob Regish / March 15, 2023 /
Muscular man on one knee extending his arms out to the side

The first, well designed study on Ecdysterone use in athletes is in. And far from being a scammer, it seems I was well ahead of the curve on this one. Complete Vindication Ecdy does in fact exert a performance enhancing effect, in particular more muscle and strength. German researchers come to this conclusion in a…

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Most Disappointing & Surprising Supps

By Coach Rob Regish / March 8, 2023 /
A variety of natural supplements

Question In your 30 plus years in this field, what supplements blew you away? And which ones were the most disappointing?? Answer Most disappointing is going to be a long list, but let’s see if I can whittle this down. I’d tell you that dibencozide, FRAC/ferulic acid and low quality canthaxanthin were right up there.…

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Eat Big To Be Big

By Coach Rob Regish / March 1, 2023 /
Making a protein shake with ingredients on the countertop

Question I’m 16 years old and just starting out. My goals include getting a lot bigger, because I’m really thin (6’2” and 140lbs). My dad is this way too, so I’ll be fighting genetics. What can you tell me about bulking up? Answer I can and have written books on this topic, so feel qualified…

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