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I’m 16 years old and just starting out. My goals include getting a lot bigger, because I’m really thin (6’2” and 140lbs). My dad is this way too, so I’ll be fighting genetics.

What can you tell me about bulking up?


I can and have written books on this topic, so feel qualified to answer.

The first and most important thing you must master is… diet. You’re going to be eating a lot, because that’s what it takes to build a lot of muscle.

You can train until you bleed. You can sleep 10 hours every night. But nothing happens without food, and lots of it.

It’s All About The Shakes

First tip is making your own weight gain shakes. Because its far easier to drink 1,000 calories vs. eat them.

Heavy cream has 1,000 calories per cup, and is an ideal “base ingredient” in my opinion.

After that, look for quality proteins like Thriv, milk and egg etc.

Natural peanut butter, bananas, wheat germ and even ice cream should form the balance of your shake.

Up calories gradually, not overnight.

Consume the most calories of your day just after exercising.

You should strive to get at least 1,000 calories in during this time.

Can be a shake plus a meal, which is what I always preferred.

The main battle for you will be with a knife and fork. Remember this: Calories are our friends

Bottom Line

You need to eat big to be big, but keep an eye on fat gain. If your waist jumps more than an inch back off the calories for 2 weeks, then resume overfeeding. The enzymes that help build muscle will be read again, and the fat storing enzymes lower.

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