The Science On HMB


Why don’t you like HMB? I read the study using the new free HMB and its unbelievable, the muscle these guys are putting on.

Why don’t you acknowledge the science is there on HMB?


I don’t acknowledge it because it isn’t valid. In other words, it’s junk science.

Unbelievable is an astute observation on your part.

I’m going to drop a real bomb on here – a lot of studies today are complete junk.

Usually, they’re funded by the manufacturer or seller of HMB.

Is the University going to tell these people (who gave them hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform the study) something they DON’T want to hear?

Of course not, they won’t be getting any $ from them in the future…… that’s for sure.

The study you’re referring to is in fact, funded by the people that are hawking HMB.

The study had these people perform a training protocol not unlike The BP (over-reaching, followed by a period of pulling back, to let gains manifest).

The gains reported were absurd, very steroid like and borderline ridiculous.

Now, let’s look at HMB studies in total, and the conclusion researchers made.

Suppversity recently reported on this: “From Hero to Zero – HMB Doesn’t Work at All… in Athletes and Trained Individuals”

The conclusion? Unless you’re the people selling HMB, there will be no gains from taking it.

The bottom line is HMB is a waste of money in any form (but especially the “free” form of it).

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