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Calories or Protein: What’s More Important?

By Coach Rob Regish / April 12, 2023 /
Calories vs Protein: What's More Important?

Question I’m running Progenadrex and really happy with the results. 10lbs gained so far in 8 weeks and all of it looks to be in the muscles. My lifts have gone up quite a bit too. I’ve been eating big, but have a question on that. What’s the most important thing to focus on –…

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Eat Big To Be Big

By Coach Rob Regish / March 1, 2023 /
Making a protein shake with ingredients on the countertop

Question I’m 16 years old and just starting out. My goals include getting a lot bigger, because I’m really thin (6’2” and 140lbs). My dad is this way too, so I’ll be fighting genetics. What can you tell me about bulking up? Answer I can and have written books on this topic, so feel qualified…

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Carb Loading: The Most Powerful Anabolic Strategy

By Coach Rob Regish / December 28, 2022 /
A table full of carbs like pasta and bread

Question Where do you stand on things like carb loading? It seems to be a popular strategy, but I’d like more information before starting. Answer Of all the “anabolic” strategies available to the drug free lifter, harnessing the power of insulin (via carb intake AND restriction) is the most powerful, in my opinion. Having said…

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Vitamins for Kids

By Coach Rob Regish / July 13, 2022 /
Child opening their mouth for a spoonful of vitamins and supplements

Question Where do you stand on kids and vitamins? Do kids really need them and if so, what would you recommend? I want to know what to give my son. Answer Important to state I’m not a Dr. and this isn’t medical advice. So see a good Dr. for that, or better yet – nutritionist.…

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