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By Coach Rob Regish / January 13, 2021 /

Question I really like some of your perspective on supplements, especially the nod to essential amino acids. I’ve used them for a long time, with nothing less than excellent results. Why are BCAA’s so popular, and why don’t more people use the EAA’s? Answer You’ve made a very shrewd observation. Despite the fact that more…

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Thoughts on Anabolic Effect

By Coach Rob Regish / December 30, 2020 /

Question Have you ever heard of a product called “Anabolic Effect”? It seems to be getting a lot of play on the boards, with a lot of great feedback. Answer I too, have read much about this product. Here’s my take on the matter. AE purports to be a new, non hormonal anabolic. Ingredients are…

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By Coach Rob Regish / December 23, 2020 /

Question Do you remember a product called methoxyisovlavone? It was popular years ago but I can’t find it anywhere now. Can you tell me more about it? Answer Sure, here’s the backstory on it, and its admittedly an intriguing one. In 1977 a Hungarian company Chinoin filed a patent for a new flavone called 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone.…

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My Supplement Staples

By Coach Rob Regish / November 25, 2020 /

Question I want to ask you about supplements you keep coming back to. What I mean is that I’ll use something for awhile, get good results then try something new. But I always come back to certain products. Can you tell me what those products are for you?? Answer Interestingly enough, this is the same…

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