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Prohormones vs Progenadrex

By Coach Rob Regish / November 6, 2019 /

Question I’m interested in Progenadrex, as I’ve literally never seen such positive reviews (except maybe on Synthagen, another one of your products). I’m in the UK, and we still have pro-hormones here. I was going to go that route but am still young (early 20’s). Is it a better choice, and if so why? Answer…

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Truth about 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP)

By Coach Rob Regish / September 11, 2019 /

Question I’ve got a question about 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP). Is it really that dangerous? Because I’ve been reading in several places where it’s not and I know you’ll give me the straight dirt. Answer The straight dirt is that DNP isn’t as dangerous as you’ve been led to believe – it’s even more dangerous. There are…

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Beef Protein, BCAA and HMB

By Coach Rob Regish / June 11, 2019 /

Question I was wondering what your thoughts are on beef protein, BCAAs and “free” HMB? I have two of the three and just waiting on the HMB. Should I be using these and if so, how? Answer Let me put it this way: You can do a lot better. Having said that, I’ll work with…

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Is Beta-Alanine Worth Taking?

By Coach Rob Regish / April 13, 2019 /

Question My question is, is beta-alanine worth taking and if so, can you give some specifics as to product recommendations? Answer My history with beta-alanine is an interesting one. In 2009, I recommended against it, citing the fact that it took too long to see anything, and even if you did it was marginal. Further…

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