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What gives on your new product?

You mentioned it some time back, and I’d like to know more…


It’s still in the works with Predator, and we’re moving as fast as we can. I haven’t decided on a name yet, but it’s as solid as they come insofar as research proven ingredients.

This product will be yet another one of my formulas where the ingredients are out there today, but they’ve never been arranged in a way that works like this.

One of the facets I get most excited about is the painstakingly arranged amino acid sequencing. Now before anyone rolls their eyes, every Synthagen user out there knows what I’m saying is true. But let’s say you haven’t tried Synthagen yet.

Stay with me here, because the following examples will convince you.

Convincing Examples

A blind man could see that leucine is a key player and needs to be in the mix for optimal results. The NIH study I often quote comes to mind. It shows EAA’s when taken pre-workout stimulate 600% greater protein synthesis.

I’ve mentioned this many, many times.

What I haven’t mentioned, is that in the ratios disclosed Leucine is only used in the amount of 981mg. Compare and contrast that with studies showing multiple grams being necessary to maximize results.

Still not convinced?

The rabbit hole goes even deeper: 5 grams of leucine plus non EAA’s showed much greater effect vs 3 grams when used under the same conditions.

So you tell me: Is there room for improvement here?

You betcha, and just like with Synthagen – I’ve built a better mousetrap.

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