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Immune Boosting Protocol

By Coach Rob Regish / October 14, 2020 /

Question What’s your take on immune boosting herbs? Anything in particular I should be looking for? Answer The focus on immune function and sudden interest by the public has of course, been driven quite a bit by the COVID-19 epidemic. That’s largely because until there’s a (supposed) vaccine, there wasn’t a whole lot the medical…

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Problems Below the Belt

By Coach Rob Regish / October 7, 2020 /

Question I’m having some issues “below the belt” so to speak. I’m a little north of 40 and have a really hard time getting and keeping it up. Is there anything natural that’ll help? Also, can you tell me about Viagra and how that works? Side effects? Answer I’m actually glad someone asked this because…

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Underweight: Causes & Tips

By Coach Rob Regish / September 9, 2020 /

Question I used to be built but have lost almost all of my muscle. Like a good 40lbs worth. I’m down to 140 lbs and it isn’t a healthy looking 140. The weird thing is that I sort of expected this from giving up lifting, although I continue to eat normally – same way as…

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30 Day Muscle Survival Kit

By Coach Rob Regish / August 19, 2020 /

Question Listened to the show last week and the being prepared tip sort of resonated. Let’s say I’m going to put together a 30 day survival kit, and I want to lose as little muscle as possible during that time. What stuff should I get? What supplements would you bring with you?? Answer A lot…

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