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How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Business Trip

By Coach Rob Regish / September 26, 2022 /
How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Business Trip

Business trips can upset your usual schedule and impact your well-being. For example, lengthy travel time, long days in meetings or a foreign office can lead to a lack of sleep, fast food meals and mental exhaustion. However, with some planning, you can stay healthy on your business trips. Here’s some suggestions about how. Add…

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Treating Illness at Home

By Coach Rob Regish / August 24, 2022 /
Viruses in a Petri Dish

Question Without getting into the current “V” controversy what are your thoughts on treating illness at home? Answer I’ve always thought that as a country, most Amercans have got it all backwards, because here’s what I see. They either don’t seek formal medical care or if they do, they’re sent home where they do next…

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Is Weight Loss Surgery My Only Option

By Coach Rob Regish / July 6, 2022 /
Girl in athletic wear going for a walk

Question I’m a big guy, 41 now and both my Dad and his brother died of heart attacks in their early 50’s. I don’t want to wind up like that, so considering something drastic. My Dr. said I need to lose at least 50lbs before he’ll perform bariatric surgery. I’ve dieted before but it always…

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COVID-19 Gone For Good?

By Coach Rob Regish / March 30, 2022 /
Covid-19 Gone For Good?

Question What do you make of COVID-19 going away so fast? Do you think it’s coming back and if so how can we better prepare for it? Answer This is just my opinion, but COVID served the same purpose as 9/11 did – As Americans, we lost more of our personal freedoms. And you can…

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