Treating Illness at Home


Without getting into the current “V” controversy what are your thoughts on treating illness at home?


I’ve always thought that as a country, most Amercans have got it all backwards, because here’s what I see.

They either don’t seek formal medical care or if they do, they’re sent home where they do next to nothing.

You’ve heard the old saying the best defense, is a good offense? I’m a BIG fan of that philosophy, always have been. And I apply that to any sickness/disease I’m presented with.

So it doesn’t matter what you have (let’s say it’s a virus), get this and get it good.

Don’t Let the Virus Attack You, You Attack the Virus

“Most people” will go home, get in bed and adhere to the “lots of rest, liquids and maybe the chicken soup” plan they’ve always used.

Let me be clear: In most cases turning over your health 100% to a Dr. or other authority., acting passively like this and waiting around for bad things to happen is ridiculou. I’ll go so far as to say its irresponsible, dangerous and you’re really asking for it.

Let me give you 1 example: The current virus that’s going around has 3 distinct phases: Viral replication, cytokine storm and pulmonary – thromotic events.

If you do nothing to help yourself during the viral replication phase, it progresses to the cytokine storm phase or worse, pulmonary – thromobotic stage – what kind of chances do you think you have now, of making a full recovery?

They’re not very good, because you let the virus go wild replicating itself unchecked, and now you’re in a much more dangerous place.

On the other hand, let’s say you begin hammering it immediately with gram doses of Vitamin C (which is anti-viral) , ensure your Vitamin D levels are above 50, perform oral and nasal rinses with 1.5% povo-iodine 2x/day, use Zinc ionophores (things that help Zinc get into the cell) like Curcumin, Quercetin or EGCG etc. etc….. do you think maybe your chances of stopping the virus early and having better outcomes are increased?

Of course they are, exponentially in most cases – in young and old.

Why Most People Sit Back And Don’t Do Anything

So why do most people sit back and let the virus attack them, vs. attacking the virus? Because their DOCTOR and the rest of the world don’t want you using effective, inexpensive and readily available nutrients – there’s no money in it (for them or their big pharma buddies).

Look, there’s a paper you can google called The Disinformation Playbook, by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

It details how big tobacco refined and perfected techniques to attack, discredit and do away with “inconvenient science”, or anything that opposes their self serving narrative.

You should read it, because it’ll help you recognize the dirty tactics big pharma, big gov’t and others use to attack, intimidate, discredit and ultimately silence well meaning people and doctors.

How effective is it? Go to youtube and search for “more Dr’s Smoke Camel Cigarettes commercial” from 1950. White coats, medical degrees hanging on wall, the whole 9 yards.

“3 out of 4 Dr’s surveyed preferred Camel cigarettes…” Folks, I’m not making this up.

One last time: YOU attack the virus – you don’t let it attack you!

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