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My Most Effective Dietary Supplement

By Coach Rob Regish / January 25, 2023 /
Closeup of a flexing bicep and pec

Question What do you consider the most effective dietary supplement, any why? Peptides? SARMS? Answer When answering this question, we need to define the term supplements. SARMS and Peptides are really just unapproved new drugs. Defining Supps The way I define supps though, is anything that’s legal – where you don’t need a prescription and…

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Kratom: What You Need To Know

By Coach Rob Regish / January 18, 2023 /
Woman relaxed and in a good mood

Question I’m really getting into Kratom, and take it nearly every day. Is there anything I should be looking out for? Answer Kratom is still legal, a feat due to the American Kratom Association, fighting so hard for our supplement freedoms you should be aware of it. Depending upon strain, it’s a soothing, uplifting and…

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Origins of Creatine

By Coach Rob Regish / January 11, 2023 /
A hand holding Creatine capsules

Question My question has to do with creatine. Do you remember who had it first? Answer There’s a lot of parties laying claim to having the “first” creatine. Among those are Dr. Jeff, Bill Phillips and a company called California Body Club. I can vividly recall using CBC’s product back in the day. Blank and…

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Dips and Chins for Beginners

By Coach Rob Regish / January 4, 2023 /
Man doing a chair dip in his living room

Question I know you love dips and chins, but I’m just not strong enough to do them yet. What’s the best way to get there??? Answer Dips and chins go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both are what I call level 7 movements, moving the body and weight through space simultaneously. And, both are…

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