My Most Effective Dietary Supplement


What do you consider the most effective dietary supplement, any why? Peptides? SARMS?


When answering this question, we need to define the term supplements.

SARMS and Peptides are really just unapproved new drugs.

Defining Supps

The way I define supps though, is anything that’s legal – where you don’t need a prescription and whatever it is you’re buying won’t land you in prison.

Given that definition, lots of compounds would lay claim to that title: Clenbuterol, BPC=157, Ipamorelan, CJC-1295, Glucosamine, ephedrine, creatine etc.

The single best though that will take you the furthest (if you use them consistently), are the Essential Amino Acids.

Flooding the body with EAA’s during training is the single best/most effective supplement you can take.

The reason is simple: They can dramatically impact your recovery.

The Russians had a saying, “recovery is everything”.

Just imagine getting two or even three times the number of productive workouts in every month.

Really think about what that’d do.

You’d get scary strong, and it’d happen fast.

You’d grow a hell of a lot faster too.

You’d absolutely crush your workouts, and leave your training partners in the dust.

That’s the premise behind MPS, but it doesn’t stop there because having the ability to manipulate the ratio’s of your EAA’s is within everyone’s reach.

They are inexpensive, easily manipulated and simple to use. They don’t’ taste great, but if you’re concerned with taste you’re in the wrong sport.

Use them today, be a different (better) lifter tomorrow. They literally make that big of a difference.

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