Kratom: What You Need To Know


I’m really getting into Kratom, and take it nearly every day. Is there anything I should be looking out for?


Kratom is still legal, a feat due to the American Kratom Association, fighting so hard for our supplement freedoms you should be aware of it.

Depending upon strain, it’s a soothing, uplifting and a relaxing ride for most people.

Nevertheless, the green and white strains can raise blood pressure in some people.

Buy an automatic BP cuff, and know your numbers.

120/80 is what they’ll tell you is good, albeit they’re talking about lower diastolic (lower numbers) now.

Taking too much can also lead to “the wobbles”. Your motor function get a little shaky for an hour or 2.

You’ll definitely look impaired just walking.

If you drive, I’d caution you.

Any amount of Kratom around 3 grams (and certainly more) will restrict pupils to the size of pinholes.

If you’re driving in bright sunshine, this shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s night time or cloudy, you’re going to have some explaining to do if you get pulled over.

Best I can give you is, “yeah, the eye Dr. said that might happen. Had an appointment this morning, where she put some drops in my eyes.”

This worked for me one, but I’d caution you to have the name of an eye Dr. ready, as well as the time of your appointment.

Otherwise, if you take too much Kratom the body has a brilliant defense mechanism: You’ll just throw it up.

This, in stark contrast to opioids which can shut down your respiratory function.

Despite its absurd effectiveness and safety, the DEA wants to ban it, putting it in Schedule 1!!!

It’s all to protect big pharma.

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