Stacking with Synthagen

Many people are familiar with the rapid and rather profound effects of Mass Pro Synthagen. It’s the absolute best/fastest legal recovery agent you can buy (some say legal OR illegal)!

I often get questions about what can be stacked with it, so here’s the scoop. Depending on your goal(s), there are three stacks that work exceptionally well for their stated purpose…

Let’s take a look, to see which is best for you.

STACK #1 – Synthagen & Adaptogen N

This is the slam dunk of legal, legitimate performance enhancement. Regardless of age, Synthagen and Adaptogen N go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s almost as if they were made for each other, and in some ways they were! A one of a kind Trib extract along with Eurycoma Longifolia, Suma and a dash of DHEA (starter material for Testosterone) and melatonin round out Adaptogen N. There’s a reason it’s a decade over decade best seller. You’ll enjoy a fantastic libido, sense of well being and better sleep. You’ll also be able to train harder, longer and recover from it all in record time.

No stimulants. No drugs. No shutdown. No kidding. Quite frankly, this is the best 1-2 punch in the world of legit, natural supplements. And right now this dynamic duo is on sale at a deep discount, under “Coach Rob’s Super Stack”.

Adaptogen N + Synthagen

STACK #2 – Synthagen & Burn It Up!

If you’re looking to maximize energy, burn fat and get stronger – look no further! Burn It Up is a fantastic pre-workout, while Synthagen is utilized intra-training or immediately afterwards. The beauty of this combo is that while intensity, fat burning and strength are maximized you’ll achieve it all WITHOUT burning out!

Unlike most pre-workouts that only succeed in digging you into a deeper hole, advanced Burn It Up! is loaded with ingredients that “put back”. Things like L-Taurine, Organic 10:1 Maca and real 6 year aged Red Korean Ginseng extract not only power you up, but also replenish and recharge you after demanding workouts.

You’ll enjoy more intense training, more often (due to very rapid recovery), and much faster results. All without the crash, adrenal burnout and cortisol backlash people encounter with the other common pre-workouts / fat burners.

This is the thinking man’s pre-workout IMO.


STACK #3 – Synthagen & Gamma GH

This stack is the sleeper of sorts, no pun intended. A decade of Synthagen use has revealed that simultaneously raising Growth Hormone levels is an incredibly powerful strategy. And when it comes to raising GH naturally, there is no better product than legitimate USA sourced GABA. Forget the dirty, dirt cheap GABA coming from other parts of the globe, this stuff is the real deal. You get a truly powerful, biologically active increase in your own natural GH.

Gamma GH not only boosts Growth Hormone, it’s an excellent way to improve the quality and duration of the most powerful restorative there is – sleep. How? While Synthagen goes to work during the workout/day, Gamma GH has you covered at night. And like the other 2 stacks in this article, we’re talking about combining products you can see and feel working.

There’s a lot to like about that… 🙂


25 Grams Free! Pure GAMMA GH – 125g for price of 100

Stacking SYNTHAGEN Summary

My recommendation is to utilize one (or a combination) of these stacks during periods of intense training. You put everything you have into your workouts and deserve the best possible results for your hard work. These stacks give you just that, locking in real gains and magnifying your results.


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