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Hydrolyzed Whey vs Hydrolyzed Casein

By Coach Rob Regish / August 26, 2020 /

Question I heard a show where you said PeptoPro really wasn’t worth it, then I see where its hydrolyzed casein. But I now see advertisements for hydrolyzed whey. That would be better, right? Answer To recap, the 411 on Pepto Pro is that 1.) It tastes God awful but more importantly, 2.) Is handily outperformed…

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30 Day Muscle Survival Kit

By Coach Rob Regish / August 19, 2020 /

Question Listened to the show last week and the being prepared tip sort of resonated. Let’s say I’m going to put together a 30 day survival kit, and I want to lose as little muscle as possible during that time. What stuff should I get? What supplements would you bring with you?? Answer A lot…

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My Take on Shilajit

By Coach Rob Regish / August 12, 2020 /

Question What is your take on Shilajit? Answer For those unfamiliar, shilajit is the Indian cousin of Russian Moomiyo, or “Mumie,” that was introduced in this country almost 30 years ago. Both are a tar like material purported to be composed of incredibly dense mineral matter, formed after decades (or longer) of rock and sediment…

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Triple Drop Sets

By Coach Rob Regish / August 5, 2020 /

Question I liked your suggestion about doing triple drops, I had used them years ago and forgot how effective they really are. If I’m looking to really up the total tonnage to grow, would that be the best method to do so? Answer It’s a good method yes, but likely not the best IMO. Triple…

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