30 Day Muscle Survival Kit


Listened to the show last week and the being prepared tip sort of resonated. Let’s say I’m going to put together a 30 day survival kit, and I want to lose as little muscle as possible during that time.

What stuff should I get? What supplements would you bring with you??


A lot of this depends on whether you’re having to bug out, bug in or just want to get home safe. Guys put together “bug out” bags or “go bags” for just these reasons.

First, I’ll say it’s far more likely you’ll “bug in” (meaning be quarantined at home aka shelter in place) or just get home from work safe, than it is you’ll be forced to leave your home and go live in the wilderness for a month.

Having said that, here’s the 411 on what to get if you’re so interested, including supplements.

Learn How to Use Survival Tools

First thing I’d do is buy a book to learn how to use all these tools. A really good one is 101 Skills You Need to Survive by Kevin Estela – you can get it on Amazon for under $20.

If you DON”T buy the book, you WON’T have the knowledge on how to use the tools I’m about to discuss. It’s a lot like dropping tons of money on exotic supplements every month, then just winging it with your training and diet. Makes no sense.

Start With Priorities

Your priorities then are shelter, water, fire, food. So along those lines, I’d recommend the following items for each.

A ferrisarium or “ferrel” rod will start hundreds, if not thousands of fires, even after getting wet. The bayite 1/2 Inch X 6 Inch Large Ferro can be had for under $10.

The Sawyer Mini SP128 water filter fits in the palm of your hand and costs less than $20. Filters and purifies water from streams, lakes or ponds. Comes in REAL handy too, in the event your city is the next Flint, Michigan.

A stainless steal water bottle or canteen with nesting cup. Because it’s not easy drinking water with no container, and even harder to cook things without one.

A military grade poncho will keep you dry, and it can double as a shelter (depending on the weather). It isn’t exactly an all season tent, but extremely versatile for what you’ll pay (around $35).

You also want to get a sleeping bag/”bivvy” that reflects around 90% of your body heat, keeping it from escaping. That item alone in your car can make the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

A month’s worth of food. I wouldn’t buy the freeze dried survival stuff right now due to price gouging, but after trying some Select Savory Snacks Jerky – you’re NEVER going back to the regular stuff. Importantly, its VERY high protein, travels well and… did I mention the taste? You absolutely must try this stuff – at least get the sample pack they’re selling for $15. SelectSavorySnacks.com.

SSS makes getting enough protein in a survival situation a snap. And if you’ve ever gone without protein for as little as a few days (especially while hiking, sawing down timber etc), you know how important it really is.

Carbs are dirt cheap. In a survival situation, ramen noodles will do IMO.

So there’s your shelter, water, fire/thermoregulation and food items. As budget allows, back those items up, and have backups for your back ups. For example, bic lighters, windproof matches, a magnifying lens and magnesium shavings to back up your feral rod.

Also get a tactical flashlight or headlamp, in the event you need to do something at night. Ferrel rods are great for starting fires, but they don’t work very well when you
drop yours in the dark and you can’t find it.

Survival Supplements

Needless to say for supplements, you won’t find optimizing your testosterone production something vital. For all they do then, I’d say stimulants. Judging by how many of these survivalists bring coffee with them, I’d say that’s a pretty good guess.

Stimulants may well allow you to set up your shelter, collect enough firewood etc. in 2 hours instead of 4, which becomes real important when you realize there’s less than 2 hours of sunlight left.

If it’s ephedrine and caffeine that’s also been shown to preserve muscle on a cut. And in the event there are food shortages, you’re going to be on an extreme cut..

One last item, lest I forget: Compressed wipes. These pack well and also store well too, so whether you’re bugging in or bugging out get some. Because next time, it might be awhile before any’s available.

Hope that helps.

Coach Rob Regish

Rob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He's been a weekly contributor to Superhumanradio.net for almost a decade, answering listener questions from around the world.

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