My Take on Shilajit


What is your take on Shilajit?


For those unfamiliar, shilajit is the Indian cousin of Russian Moomiyo, or “Mumie,” that was introduced in this country almost 30 years ago.

Both are a tar like material purported to be composed of incredibly dense mineral matter, formed after decades (or longer) of rock and sediment settling.

It’s been claimed to do everything from being a broad spectrum adaptogen to increasing testosterone.

Form and Function

The truth is its real (and best) function is due to the high fulvic acid content, which greatly improves the absorption of some compounds.

Typically, you see it complexed with ingredients like tomatodine, which I covered in a previous episode.

The first company to roll it out included a dose that was only 1/10th that of what was used in studies and found effective.

When I pointed this out on a popular message board during their product launch, I’d imagine they weren’t very pleased.

But facts are facts, and fact is that was the case – it was a very light (1/10th) dose of tomatodine being used.

Their response was that they knew that, but the shilajit in the product improved the compound’s bioavailability.

No studies I’m aware of show this is the case. Although that doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that there’s no evidence of it.

Other companies sell stand alone shilajit but I’m not aware of anyone raving about it.

Shilajit to Boost Testosterone?

If you’re using it to boost testosterone, I suppose you could be using worse things…. But it’s not optimal either.

If you’re intent on using it at all, I’d do so as an adaptogen and take it during 10 day cycles where your training with higher than normal loads, or otherwise really pushing things.

It is an interesting compound yes, but OTOH its been around a long time and in and out of fashion – each time seemingly with a new use.

Unless you’re getting it at a crazy deep discount, I’d pass.

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