Enhancing Supp Absorption


What’s this I hear about enhancing absorption? Supplements to help your supplements? Sounds like a scam, but I wanted your input.


In some cases this is a scam, no question about it.

But there are exceptions and one of them is Bioperine.

Bioperine is a black pepper extract made by Sabinsa. In a nutshell, it has a ton of research behind it supporting the fact that if you take Bioperine with most dietary supplements, you’ll wind up with more of the ingredients in your blood stream.

Sabinsa has a link on their website where you’ll find all the research to back my recommendation.

The Benefits

Supplements like vitamins, herbs, and even amino acids are all better absorbed when taken with it. 5 to 10mg with your protein powder, fat loss supplement, or herbal product isn’t a bad idea – except in rare cases like Yohimbe.

Perhaps most impressive is it’s effect when combined with Curcumin. As a bonus, the stuff is super, and I mean dirt cheap.

Another is digestive enzymes. Savvy brands like Thrive include it in their protein blends. 100 Milligrams of Protease Enzymes Aid in Protein Digestion.

It also includes live probiotics like Lacto baci lus acidophilus, etc.

These things really do matter, so do look into them!

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