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Building Your Biceps

By Coach Rob Regish / July 8, 2020 /

Question I’m just starting out with weightlifting and came across your website. What exercises do I do to build my biceps up the most? Do I need a preacher curl? Are DB curls as good as barbell?? Answer First things first: It sounds like you’re bodybuilding, not weightlifting. There is a difference and a reason…

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Warming Up To 2 Work Sets

By Coach Rob Regish / June 17, 2020 /

Question I’m using the 11 % solution you wrote about in The Blueprint Bulletin. How would you warm up ramp up the weight, before the 2 work sets? Answer This is a great question, but my answer is probably going to raise eyebrows and be controversial. Nevertheless, it’s what I do (and have done for…

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Best Cardio Exercises

By Coach Rob Regish / May 27, 2020 /

Question With my gym closing I lost the ability to bike, push and pull sleds etc. Worse, I lost my job so it’s not like I have any $ to buy one. What kind of cardio can I do besides jog? I’d sprint, but I pulled a hamstring last time doing that and am reluctant…

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Increasing Your Bench Press

By Coach Rob Regish / April 22, 2020 /

Question How do I increase my bench press? I’m stuck at 300lbs and want to hit 315, I think it’s a mental block. How do I get past my sticking point (off the chest)? Answer For all its reverence, I feel bench presses are a poor exercise. If you aren’t competing, I think the weighted…

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