Working Through Back Injuries


I just threw my back out today, of all things tying my sneakers.

What’s the plan now??


Here’s an interesting one. On Sunday, I was tying my sneakers to go out for a run and I heard a loud “pop” on the lower left side of my back. The area immediately radiated with pain and I knew what I had done – likely a subluxation of L4-L5.

This, on the heels of me wanting to do those 1 arm pushups with weight behind my back this week. Since I’ve done this before, I more or less know what to expect so I immediately sprang into action.

My Recommended Steps

Step 1: I immediately downed a gram of Curcumin to address any inflammation issues.

Step 2: Took some supercissus, owing to the fact it helps repair bone and most injuries.

Step 3: Stretched the hamstrings and lower back through a variety of movements. Touched my toes and held it for a 10 count, did some bridging and side rotations taught to me by the late Killer Kowalski.

Step 4: Hopped on the inversion board for 2 sessions of 15 min each.

Step 5: Be at chiropractor’s office 8AM sharp the next morning.

Chiropractor Visit

Since this injury is most likely structural, it’ll require a chiropractic adjustment to move the vertebrae back into place. Gratefully, I have no pain down the legs which would be indicative of a disk issue.

He’ll be able to tell me which vertebrae is out of place, move the bone and re-set it. That doesn’t mean it’s healed, just that it no longer puts pressure on the nerve telling the muscle to spasm and stay that way – cramped up, to protect the joint.

This is part and parcel to getting older, I understand that. It usually happens once or twice a year but I’m determined that it does NOT derail me. Experience has taught me that this kind of issue can be fixed, likely in two weeks time if hopefully not sooner.

Workout With Back Issues

I’ll for sure be able to perform one arm chins, some rows, possibly 1 arm pushups, dips, reverse hypers, glute ham bridges and a slew of other movements.

You see there’s always a way. Even if I couldn’t perform these movements I can still coach. Still be there for my clients and help THEM succeed in achieving their goals. Which brings me back to you.

It’s only a matter if, not when you incur an injury. Do you have a plan to address it, or a “short list” of exercises you can use to work around it? Better yet, is there someone at your gym who could benefit from YOUR hard earned knowledge?

These things matter, and matter a lot. Do take the time to do a little contingency planning like this. Have your rehab tools, chiropractors and other medical professionals lined up to address such issues.

You’ll be glad you did, and back in the game in no time.

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