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Help With Sore Knee Issues

By Coach Rob Regish / April 26, 2023 /
Help With Sore Knees

Question I have some old knee issues from my football days. It doesn’t keep me from training but I can feel it getting out of bed in the morning. Later in the day it doesn’t feel as bad. In fact, it doesn’t hurt at all. After I train though, it’s killing me again. Any idea…

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Dan Duchaine: Bodybuilding Trailblazer

By Coach Rob Regish / April 19, 2023 /
Dan Duchaine: Bodybuilding Trailblazer

Question What’s your take Dan Duchaine? Was he really as revolutionary as people made him out to be? Whatever happened to him? Answer Dan died circa the year 2000 from polycystic kidney disease. It was NOT related to steroid use but rather, genetic (he inherited it from his mother). To understand just what a contribution…

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Calories or Protein: What’s More Important?

By Coach Rob Regish / April 12, 2023 /
Calories vs Protein: What's More Important?

Question I’m running Progenadrex and really happy with the results. 10lbs gained so far in 8 weeks and all of it looks to be in the muscles. My lifts have gone up quite a bit too. I’ve been eating big, but have a question on that. What’s the most important thing to focus on –…

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Is Soreness Necessary For Muscle Growth?

By Coach Rob Regish / April 5, 2023 /
Is Muscle Soreness Necessary For Growth?

Question I really like your workouts. The Blueprint changed my thinking about not only how often to change my workouts, but also how one phase builds upon the other. I never did this before, just jumped from program to program in an attempt to get sore. Is soreness necessary for growth, and how can I…

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