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Heat Shock Proteins

By Coach Rob Regish / June 24, 2020 /

Question I’ve been reading about Heat Shock Proteins. They seem promising but how come we don’t see supplements that work on them? Are there just no ingredients that make more of them? Also, what about nitrates? Like I see creatine nitrate and other nitrates around. They any good? Answer Heat Shock Proteins looked to be…

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Warming Up To 2 Work Sets

By Coach Rob Regish / June 17, 2020 /

Question I’m using the 11 % solution you wrote about in The Blueprint Bulletin. How would you warm up ramp up the weight, before the 2 work sets? Answer This is a great question, but my answer is probably going to raise eyebrows and be controversial. Nevertheless, it’s what I do (and have done for…

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Calcium and Muscle Contraction

By Coach Rob Regish / June 10, 2020 /

Question You mentioned Ecdy doing something to increase performance, something different than what I usually hear. Was it electrolyte intake or something similar? Answer A rapid increase in calcium flux is what you heard, so here’s a little more about that now. When I was asked to design my first Ecdysterone product, I did so…

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Supplements and Heart Palpitations

By Coach Rob Regish / June 3, 2020 /

Question I’m hoping you can help with this, because so far nobody, including my doctor, can figure it out… I’m having heart palpitations. They aren’t what I’d call severe, but I can certainly feel something is off. My Dr. told me to get off all supplements, but I’m reluctant to do that. I take no…

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