Heat Shock Proteins


I’ve been reading about Heat Shock Proteins. They seem promising but how come we don’t see supplements that work on them? Are there just no ingredients that make more of them?

Also, what about nitrates? Like I see creatine nitrate and other nitrates around. They any good?


Heat Shock Proteins looked to be the next big thing. Shortly after the popularity of “NO2” type products wore off.

If memory serves, Met-Rx even had a product that supposedly had them
The product was largely theoretical though, and the truth is – it never sold.

But let’s rewind a minute. What are Heat shock proteins, and what do they do?

The body expresses more heat shock proteins in response to physiological stress (i.e. training). They then contribute to:

Reparation of Mis-folded And Damaged Proteins
Increased Immune Response
Reduction Of Free Radicals
Faster Muscle Recovery
Reduction Of The Biological Expression Of Age

So all good stuff, but even so – where are the products that elevate them?

The short answer is that until recently, not OTC product that would qualify as a supplement has been identified. At least that worked to any meaningful degree.

I have identified one compound though, that I think has a lot of potential. I’m just working now on finding a source for it. Once I do have that, I’ll let my folk know about it (likely in another month or so).


With respect to nitrates… yes there are a fair number of studies showing benefit.

These benefits are what you’d find in most NO2 products though: Improved blood flow, slightly faster recovery but more prominently a better “pump”.

The synthetic nitrate bound products are expensive though (like creatine nitrate), and I don’t feel the benefits you get from them justify the additional cost.

If you want nitrates, your best bet IMO is to find a good beetroot juice powder, or alternatively a deep red spinach extract – both of which are rich in dietary nitrates.

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