Rehabbing Shoulder Injuries


I really like what you have to say about injuries. I’ve heard you say shoulder injuries are common, well I’ve got one – actually two. Haven’t been diagnosed yet because I’m hoping it’s something minor, but I have pain when performing any lateral raise type movement.

What’s the 411, on rehabbing an injury like mine?


This advice goes for all shoulder issues, such that my answer can help the broadest population.

First although you might not want to, get a diagnosis. That doesn’t mean you have to accept what they’re saying, but some insight into what’s going on will only benefit you. Once you have that, you can hopefully rule out some of the more serious conditions: Torn rotator cuff, dislocated shoulder etc.

Next, you need to know what to do BEFORE training or rehab work.

What To Do Before Training or Rehabbing

One of the best shoulder warm ups out there is done with a min-band. Stand on the band with your feet about shoulder width apart. Now SLOWLY bring the band to a point above your head, then as far down your back as possible.

As you continue front to back, start pulling OUT on the band, which will further increase your range of motion. This will pinpoint where the pain is, but more importantly pump fresh new blood into the muscle and bring waste products away. Two sets of 10-15 reps is about right.

Next up is sled dragging. Put a light weight on the sled and commence dragging it forward, with your palms facing down and behind you. Perform a front delt raise type motion, walking about 120 feet each trip. Now turn around drag the sled backward using a motion similar to pulling the straps apart, alternated with an upright row movement.

Six trips forward and back to start, building up to at least 10 trips as your work capacity increases. You absolutely won’t believe how good this feels, even for guys with severely damaged shoulders. The concentric only work only improves healing and recovery, as the eccentric or lowering of weights does the opposite.

Rehab Supplements

As for supplements, there’s a wide range of effective options available. I’d start by making sure you’re getting at least 6 grams of fish oil a day, your base anti-inflammatory. You’re also going to want to invest in Cissus, at least 2000mg/day.

A gram in the AM and another in the PM with food. Those two will start working 24/7 to not only bring down inflammation, but actually heal the underlying injury.

Metacurcum in the amount of 1-2 grams/day is likewise a solid pick. It’s more of an acute painkiller, though it has so many other benefits I consider it a staple.

Also for acute relief (and I use it pre and postworkout too, not unlike curcumin) is DMSO. Get the roll on as it’s easier to work with. Green Indo Kratom from is the best strain for pain relief. For many, it makes training pain free possible.

Finally for the more adventurous I’d recommend 100mcg CJC-1295 with no DAC, stacked with 100mcg of Hexarelin. Use Hex for about a month, they cycle in GHRP-2, 6 or Ipamorelin.

Of all the GHRP’s though, I’ve found Hex the best for injury relief. They’re also TB-500, which I’ve also found effective. Carl you probably have more insight into Mechano Growth Factor, etc but those would be my go to solutions.

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