Origins of Creatine


My question has to do with creatine. Do you remember who had it first?


There’s a lot of parties laying claim to having the “first” creatine.

Among those are Dr. Jeff, Bill Phillips and a company called California Body Club.

I can vividly recall using CBC’s product back in the day. Blank and red label, 100g of creatine for circa $70.

For all the hype, it didn’t do anything dramatic. Possibly due to my absurdly high caffeine intake at the time.

I can’t recall Dr. Jeff’s story, but the account of how Phillips came across it is interesting.

Ed Byrd and Anthony Almada had a small company called EAS, Experimental and Applied Sciences.

Phillips flew them from CA to his Golden, CO offices.

That meeting almost never happened, as legend has it Phillips called them the day before floating the idea they should cancel, he really wasn’t sure they really had anything here.

He ultimately did meet with them, then proceeded to sell many millions of dollars worth of creatine over the next few year.

He bought them out for $1 million/apiece, which I’m sure they’re kicking themselves for as we speak.

Long story short: Most people first heard about creatine in Phillips’s Muscle Media, so that’s where most people’s reference point was.

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