Why I’m Not A Fan Of AST Research


I’m a big fan of AST Research and understand you’re not. Why is that? PS I use Vp2, DGC and Ursolic Acid.


There was a time when I was enamored with AST’s stuff, this was circa the early to mid 90’s.

They USED to be innovative, with products like Dymetadrine 25, later Dymetadrine Xtreme, VyoPro one of if not the first whey protein concentrate, VyoCylate and GABA.

So shortly after their ephedrine revolutionized my life LOL, I saw GABA on the shelf. Took it as directed and yep, it too was a supplement you could literally feel working.

Subsequently called them to discuss the finer points of their product line, when all of a sudden I became an EAS spy. I was told, “You’re done buddy, your name is on the wall”.

Today, they have the stalest product line I think I’ve seen of any sports nutrition company.

Nothing but creatine, protein, a fat burner and other odds and ends, like DHEA.

Insofar as their products are concerned, VP2 is a fine whey isolate, but why pay more for it vs. say, Thriv which isn’t just more economical, it gives you whey plus casein, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Their “DGC” is a real laugher, “Dextro Rotary Glucose Crystals:” aka sugar.

Finally, I’d ditch the Ursolic Acid as it’s an oral and the only even marginal feedback came from PA’s transdermal.

The bottom line is you can do a lot better for your money.

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