The Dangers Of Mega Dosing


I like to mega-dose my supplements, because I seem to have better results that way. What can you tell me about mega-dosing things like creatine, beta-alanine and pre-workouts?

I like to get really stimmed up, because I’m normally a low key guy. Is there some validity in what I’m doing?


In the strictest sense, there may be some instances where more is better of a compound.

They are exceedingly rare though, and certainly the exception and not the rule.

Mega-dosing creatine will probably result in a lot of creatinine (and wasted creatine). Similar to ascorbate (Vitamin C), any more than about 1 gram at a time and it’s just excreted.

The muscle cell is only going to hold so much water, and you’ll notice no additional benefit once saturated.

Beta alanine is even worse to mega-dose, and I’ll define that as more than 6g a day. Even at this level, BA is problematic.

The reason is this: Large dose of BA displaces Taurine, which is essential in regulating heart rhythm.

You’ll actually develop an arrythmia just a few days into doing this, and its quite scary.

Mega-dosing pre-workouts may be the worst of all, as it’ll send your cortisol levels through the roof.

You need to remember this: There are supplements today that actually work. It’s not like back in the 80’s where nothing worked.

We actually have products that affect various biological functions.

An arrhythmia you develop form mega-dosing BA, plus over-stimulation via caffeine poisoning or worse, yohimbe could be a deadly combination. JUST DON’T DO IT.

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