Most Disappointing & Surprising Supps


In your 30 plus years in this field, what supplements blew you away? And which ones were the most disappointing??


Most disappointing is going to be a long list, but let’s see if I can whittle this down.

I’d tell you that dibencozide, FRAC/ferulic acid and low quality canthaxanthin were right up there.

Someone who knew what he was talking about tried talking me out of buying dibencozide but nope, I was convinced it was the 2nd coming of steroids.

FRAC/Ferulic acid was the follow on to this, the one that was supposed to be a slam dunk. Gave me NOTHING.

Now we get to canthaxanthin.

Was in college but didn’t want to tan, so canthaxanthin was going to be my ticket to making me look great. Or so I thought.

Pills came, and I took a little bit more than was recommended for my loading dose.

In 2 weeks, I was orange. I don’t mean a little bit either, I was bright orange.

I tried making jokes about it but there was no hiding it – especially outside.

Supps That Suprised Me

On the best supplements side of things, certainly ephedrine was a pleasant surprise.

I was also taken aback by just how good EAA’s were when you took enough of them.

1AD was certainly a fun ride, then I got to Methyl 1 Test.

That was hands down the #1 most incredible experience I’ve had with a “supplement” – ever.

GH releasing peptides CJC1295 without DAC/Ipamorelin.

MK677 was another.

Anacylus pyrethrum, Curcumin, Orotic Acid, TMG and Magnesium Asparate round out the field. It’s also why you see those ingredients in my supplements.

Because when you use Synthagen, Tranquilogen or Progenadrex – I want you to be blown away too.

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