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What do you make of all the life extension supplements? Things like NMN and the like. Do they have any merit?


Suffice it to say life extension itself and the supplements are a worthy goal, but most of them are usually very expensive, unproven and the entire field still in its infancy in my opinion.

And like other bodily processes, with anti-aging multiple issues are going to have to be addressed – everything from slowing down telomere unravelling to improving mitochondrial function to mitigating oxidation.

Nicotin-amide mono nucleotide

He mentions NMN, so let’s address that: NMN or Nicotin-amide mono nucleotide is one of the main precursors of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) — an essential enzyme for different critical cell functions including cell growth and survival, DNA repair etc.

Given all of that, you’d think NMN would be a big seller and popular with consumers. And you’d be correct: The global NMN market was estimated at $253 million in 2020. It’s projected to reach at least $353 million by the end of 2027. Some estimates are as high as $400 million or more.

Here’s the only problem: To date, NMN hasn’t been clinically demonstrated to be safe or effective at boosting NAD⁺ in humans.

And even if it is proven to work, anti-aging is generally a slow process. Real slow. So it brings with it another issue – you can’t really objectively measure it working.

Now, it should be mentioned that a lack of studies never stopped a supplement from being sold.

Sometimes there’s good reason for that, sometimes not.

But its not like there’s a noticeable, feel-able effect here – as with other supplements who’s science later showed evidence of great benefit.

The Best Anti-Aging Protocol

No, the best and strongest anti-aging protocol for a male is still this: Eating quality, natural foods. Rather severe caloric restriction has been the only thing I’m aware of to show a true life-extension benefit.

Correcting the body’s age-related hormone decline of Testosterone, Growth Hormone, DHEA etc. via hormone replacement is also a big part of the equation.

Buckminsterfullerine/C60 would be a great anti-oxidant choice IMO, along with NAC and certain types of seaweed (believe it or not), which are very rich in anti-oxidants.

But make no mistake: There is no silver bullet supplement (or drug, for that matter) that’s going to make a “WOW!” type difference.

Clean living, resistance training and the right genes from your parents remain the primary determining factor, for how quickly (or not) you age.

Hope that helps.

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