Supplement Industry in a Down Economy


Gas has come down a bit but everything else is sky high, especially food. Inflation is killing me and this isn’t the cheapest sport. How’s the supplement industry doing, and where do you see it going?


You’re right.

By the time you’ve paid for gas to get to the grocery store, bought groceries, clothes and whatever other necessities you need – people are hurting.

And increasingly, they’re justifying shoplifting to obtain basic needs.

We’re not talking nice to have’s here, we’re talking food. We’re talking toilet paper.

Current Supplement Landscape

So it should come as no surprise that supplement companies are going out of business day and night.

Compared to even just two years ago, the landscape is barren.

Part of this was brought on by bad players in the industry itself, slipping dodgy stimulants steroids and DNP in their products.

But mostly, you can blame the supply chain crisis, inflation and a stifling administration in Washington determined to sell out the American worker.

So with little to no discretionary income left, what’s a strength athlete to do?

Time to Exploit the Contributions of Your Diet

For some, it’ll be a blessing because now they’ll be forced to maximize the contribution of their diet, training etc.

And let’s be honest – that’s fertile ground. Most people have been doing the same thing day in and day out for YEARS.

Despite this, many will still refuse to put more into their workouts and – decide this is a great time to go to the dark side.

For all that it does, testosterone is still a bargain and gives more bang for the buck than any supplement.

There’s just no comparison when I comes to how much muscle $100 of steroids will build, vs. $100 of supplements.

Back to Basics

So my prediction is as follows: The black market steroid trade will grow to new proportions, driven largely by people needing a bigger bang for their buck.

The supplement market will continue to contract, in particular sports nutrition.

Other than creatine and EAA’s, there’s a not a lot you can add to your steroids that’ll help improve results.

What MAY grow (supplement wise) are the protective nutrients those using steroids might need. Things like Vitamin D, K2, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory compounds (such as Curcumin, Quercetin etc).

Overall though, it’s a frail and shrinking marketplace IMO. When “O” puts out feelers it wants out of the business (and they make many company’s protein) – that’s bad. Like really, really bad.

So it’s back to basics for all of us, including supplements. I’ll have all new “inflation buster”/$100 and under a month supplement suggestions in next month’s bulletin.

Hope that helps.

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