Using Ephedrine at 50


So it’s obvious you have a lot of experience with these various supplements, especially ephedrine. But you’re also 50 years old now. How do you reconcile still using it?


On the surface, frequent use of powerful stimulants at this age looks irresponsible – but I have my reasons.

One would think blood pressure increases would occur – but they either don’t or are marginal. With me at least.

I honestly feel that’s in large part because my body is used to it.

Blood Pressure

Give 50mg of ephedrine and 400mg to a newbie, and yes – I’d imagine you’d see a large increase in blood pressure.

Me? There might be times I see an increase in my systolic number 5-10 points, and the diastolic by 5-10 points. But here’s the thing – it just as often doesn’t.

Understand too I sometimes have BP that’s under 120/80. At my last physical, it was 108/68. So it’s not like I start out borderline and end up over the moon.

HDL Levels

I also benefit from higher HDL levels. That’s on a largely maintenance diet btw. Where it really shines is on a cut, when calories are quite low keeping HDL’s high.

Remember, I’ve been using it for nearly 30 years. That’s 30 years of highly protective HDL’s, which I’m sure contributed to my perfect score on a recent calcium screen.

I also exercise some critical thinking on the subject: If it was really so bad for you, shouldn’t I be dead by now? Or at least shown some negative side effect? After 30 years of nearly daily use?

Now sure, if you wait around long enough something bad will happen to everyone. But 3 decades?

Look, I’m sure if I die in a car accident tomorrow they’ll roll the SHR tapes out of me saying I took ephedrine for 30 years, then say “look what it did to him.”

Think that’s absurd? Think again…

You’ve Been Lied To

It’s EXACTLY what the RAND corporation did in attributing one young man’s death to ephedrine in their government report – decapitated after hitting a tree.

Ephedrine killed him, because they found it in his system.

In short, you’ve been lied to about this drug. Like a LOT.

Finally, I use ephedrine so much for one very important reason – it enhances the quality of my life. I’m happier, think faster and I’m more productive. And yes, quite healthy while on it.

One last note on ephedrine fatalities: I will almost certainly die with it in my system too.

Just make sure they bury me with a bottle, because I’m sure I’ll be able to use it – wherever I’m going.

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