Calisthenics and Muscle Loss


I heard you say you haven’t lifted weights since Christmas 2020, instead performing all calisthenics. So in six months without weights, how much muscle size would you say you’ve lost?


In a word, none.

That, per not jut my scale weight (virtually unchanged, down just 5lbs but due to extended low carb diet) and tape measurements.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to lose much because…. I’ve been this size for over 20 years now.

That, and I’m doing a lot higher volume than when I was weight training.

While lifting weights, I always favored heavier weights, low reps and lower volume.

That mix always seemed to get me stronger, along with less wear and tear on my joints.

As a result, I’m stronger than I look and can reliably lift heavier than most guys my size in the gym, even the younger ones.

The calisthenics program I started and still doing is much, much higher volume.

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