Ever Wanted To Get Bigger, Stronger and Leaner But Didn’t Know Where To Start?

Coach Rob Regish
For almost 30 years, Coach Rob has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering physical culture. He is a former power-lifter, accomplished author, radio personality, product formulator and sought after consultant covering a broad range of topics in the field.


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If you’re not gaining muscle or losing fat, there’s a problem with your training, diet or supplementation plan. Correcting these problems is relatively simple IF you know where your capacity block is, and you’ll get there even faster with the right information.

Joining The Blueprint Army guarantees you access to the most comprehensive repository of training, diet, and supplement secrets available anywhere – at any price. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Read on for what’s in store for you, and what others have to say…


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Ever Wanted To Get Bigger, Stronger and Leaner But Didn’t Know Where To Start?

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The “Drink” Training Course. A How to Guide to the Best Muscle Building/Fat Loss Shake Ever Devised! It’s the most powerful “Weight Gainer” you’ll ever experience yet has amazing Fat Loss properties. Also Improve Protein Digestion, Uptake and Utilization for Quick Results!
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Here are some of the
Secrets from Past Issues
Awaiting you in the vault:

Volume 6, issue 01 (Jan. 2017)

– Heavy Work + Super Slow Reps + Speed Work + 24 Hours Post Workout Protein Loading = Huge Gains
COFFEE vs. CAFFEINE: It Turns Out Straight Coffee Is More Powerful Than We Think!!!
TOMATIDINE: Real Deal Non Hormonal Anabolic, Or Another Dud?
– HEAVY CHIN UPS: The Lost Art Of Using Weighted Chins To Get Ridiculously Strong At Chinning

Volume 5, issue 11 (Nov. 2016)

– THE ANABOLIC DIET RE-VAMPED FOR BODY COMP: Even More New Twists On An Established Game Changer
– Finally: A Legit Myostatin Inhibitor?

Volume 5, issue 9 (Sept. 2016)

– APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Fat Loss For Pennies On The Dollar
– RE-VISITING “THE DRINK”: Hands Down The Best Weight Gainer – Ever
– FAST, EFFICIENT MUSCLE GROWTH: The 5 Minute Hypertrophy Ladder Technique

Volume 5, issue 7 (July 2016)

– PARADISE FOUND: Asthma Medication + OTC Supplement = 17lbs of Muscle In 14 Weeks!!!
– OLD SCHOOL ANABOLICS: Desiccated Liver
– INSANE GAINS DEPT.: Dead Stop Training

Volume 5, issue 5 (May 2016)

– Creatine Monohydrate Breakthrough: More Creatine Stored, Less Glucose Needed
– Like Nitrates Pre-Workout?: #1 Nitrate Product Revealed
– LEGAL VIAGRA AND CIALIS?: You Betcha’, At Around $1.50/Day!!!

Volume 5, issue 3 (March 2016)

– Getting More from Your “Base” Products: High Absorption Supplements
– DIET CORNER: How to Turn Your Food into a “Resistant Starch”, And Lower Glycemic Index by a Whopping 50%!!!
– BREAKING NEWS: 30 Second Sets of Strong Range Partials Maximizes Muscle Growth
– DMSO: Astounding Anti-Inflammatory, For Fast Injury Relief

Volume 5, issue 1 (Jan. 2016)

– Training Corner: 5 Minute Pullups, To Fix a Weak Back
– Simplified Diet For Bodybuilding: Easy Calorie/Macro Splits, For Building Muscle
– New Sarms On The Way: LG121071, ACP-105 and LGD-3303
– 3 Pre-Workout, Focus And Concentration Stacks Not Currently For Sale – But Should Be: Your How To Guide

Volume 4, issue 11 (Nov. 2015)

– Lactic Acid Tolerance Training: Updated For 2016
– Injured? Cissus Quadrangularis + TB500 = Borderline Miracle
– Rest And Recovery: Tips And Tricks For Better Sleep
– Mile High Kratom: Strongest Strains Available!!

Volume 4, issue 9 (Sept. 2015)

– TIME UNDER TENSION: 60 Second Sets, To Maximize Muscle Growth
– ELIMINATING WHEY: The Anabolic Alternatives
– RESEARCH CHEM REVIEW: Fragment 176- 191 – GH’s Fat Burning Power Isolated?
– GELATANIZED MACA: Inexpensive, Oral And Testosterone Free HRT?

Volume 4, issue 7 (July 2015)

– Progesterone: The Single Most Counter-Intuitive PED, Hiding In Plain Sight?
– The Fab 5 Bodyweight Workout: How To Trigger Growth Quickly And Safely
– Tendonitis? Forget Muscle Rubs, Physical Therapy And Surgery: The Cure Is Here
– Diet Corner: Still Can’t See Your Abs? This May Be Why..

Volume 4, issue 5 (May 2015)

– Juicing HIIT: Maximizing Gh Release, Power And Vo2 Max
– The Past, The Present And The Future, Of Build- ing Muscle With Legal Supplements
– Undulating Periodization For Strength: 4 Week Program
– The Way We Were: Bodybuilding And Strength Training BS (Before Steroids)

Volume 4, issue 3 (March 2015)

– 3 Fat Loss Tips That’ll Get You Faster Results!
– Boosting Mood And Fighting Depression: How To, With 8 Super Supps
– Sexual Enhancement For Men: What Works, What Doesn’t. Ladies, There’s Information For You Here Too!
– Research Peptides: The Wild West Of Legally Boosting Growth Hormone

Volume 4, issue 1 (Jan. 2015)

– Ursolic Acid: New Human Study Shows Impressive Fat Loss/Strength Gains
– Progenadrex Preview: New Product Debuting At Predator Nutrition Shortly
– Green Malay Kratom, Tranquilogen And Mucuna Pruriens = Total Bliss
– Whittling Away Your Waist Without Cardio Or Diet?: The Vacuum And Its Cousins
– Keeping Muscle During A Layoff: A How To Guide

Volume 3, issue 11 (Nov. 2014)

– Nitrates
– Ed Coan and Benching Big
– SUPER LIFTS PART 1: The Barbell Glute Bridge
– SUPER LIFTS PART 2: Top Range Rack Pulls, with Static Hold

Volume 3, issue 9 (Sept. 2014)

– How Often Can You Skip Workouts and still make GAINS?
– Hmb “Free Acid”: The Early Feedback Is In…
– Phosphatidic Acid: Worth the $?
– Extreme Stretching: Another Unorthodox Solution
– Semax: New Russian Nootropic
– Rob Rants: The Sad State of Affairs, That is Ephedrin

Volume 3, issue 7 (July 2014)

– Know Your Minerals: Magnesium And What It Can Do For You
– Abbreviated Training: Just How Briefly Can You Train, And Still Make Gains?
– Hyperplasia Training: A How to Guide
– Human Study: Lose Weight With No Change to Diet/Exercise?
– A Closer Look, At Alpha Max
– Supplement Steals from Around the Web!

Volume 3, issue 5 (May 2014)

– Curcumin: Can It Really Help Muscle Recover 5x’s Faster?
– A Word On Bodyweight Squats And What They Can Do For You
– L-Citrulline Malate: Reliably Boosts Performance
– From Russia With Love: Phenibut
– Understanding Cortisol: How To Positively Modulate Via Diet
– Breathing Pullovers: How to Use Them to Build an Enormous Upper Body
– GABA: 3 Grams Pre-Workout For A 480% Increase In Biologically Active Gh

Volume 3, issue 3 (March 2014)

– Beta Alanine + Baking Soda = Better Than Ba Alone!!!
– Kratom Capers: Ma Daeng (Pimp Grade) Reviewed.
– The Razor’s Edge: Early Reviews Are In!!!
– Epicatechin In Cacao: More Strength, Less Myostatin – In 7 Days?
– Agmatine Sulfate: Worth Your Dollar?
– Pump Loading: New Technique For Radical Muscle Growth.

Volume 3, issue 1 (Jan. 2014)

– Getting It Up: The Best Of The Best, For The Bedroom.
– Diet Corner: A Guide To Mitigating Fat Loss, From Overeating.
– Training Corner: Exercise Economy And Sequencing.
– L-Dopa + Beta Agonists = Steroid Like Results?: A How To Guide.
– Dealing With Injuries: How To Bounce Back Fast
– Say Hello To Oleuropein: Improve Nitrogen Retention 46%, Triple Test And Cut Your Cortisol In Half!!!

Volume 2, issue 11 (Nov. 2013)

– LGD – 4033 – The SARM That Promises To Change It All?
– Red Yeast Rice – For Accelerating Muscle Damage?
– Chin Up Change Ups – How To Add Up To 1″ To Your Arms, In 60 Days.
– Pinning Ecdy: Injectible Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract.
– Pregnant?: Advice For You, Your GF, Wife Or Both
– Cardarine (GW 50156) – The Cardio/Fat Burning SARM?
– Surviving The Extinction of Hardcore Gyms – Your Personal Game Plan.

Volume 2, issue 9 (Sept. 2013)

– The Craze Saga: An Objective Look At What’s Going On – And What It Means For You.
– Building A Better Pre-Workout: Lighting Up Your Mind/Muscle Connection.
– Breaking: Rubus Coreanus – 1,100% More Testosterone And 300% More Growth Hormone!?!?
– Stubborn Calves?: Introducing The Kaatsu Kneeling Calf Raise.
– Injury Free For Life: The 3 Moves That’ll Bullet Proof Your Joints!
– Test Driving The Age Force Fat Burner Patch: Does It Really Work?

Volume 2, issue 7 (July 2013)

– Building The Neck: Creating An Aura Of Power, Without Speaking A Word.
– Tranquilogen Debuts: What It Is And How To Dose It – Finding Your Nirvana.
– New Bodyweight Training Gold: Never Gymless – For $12!!!
– Gplc: The Most Cost Effective Performance Enhancer Around?
– Mastering The Handstand Pushup: Using The Pike Press To Get There.
– Thinking Of Using Chain’d Out For Your BCAA’s? Think Again….
– This Months Supplement Steals – From Around The Web!

Volume 2, issue 5 (May 2013)

– Arachadonic Acid aka X-Factor: The Latest Research Findings.
– Ashwaganda: The Adaptogen For You?
– On The Go Muscle Meals: Tasty Recipe’s Revealed.
– Dirty Tricks, For Surviving In A Junk Food World.
– Lactic Acid Tolerance Training: How To Lean Out And FAST, For Summer…
– If So Inclined: Supps For Lactic Acid Tolerance Training.
– Supplement Steals, From Around The Web!

Volume 2, issue 3 (March 2013)

– Russian “Black Anabolic: and it’s Indian Cousin: How To Find The Genuine Article.
– Co-Q10/Ubiquinol: Performance Enhancer or General Purpose Supplement?
– Probiotics: What you need to know.
– The Century Bodyweight Workout: If You Dare…
– MACA: The Adaptogen for you?
– VITAMIN D: The Latest.
– This Month’s Supplement Steals, From Around The Web!

Volume 2, issue 1 (Jan. 2013)

– The Most Overlooked Herb in Sports Nutrition – For Pennies A Day.
– Doing Creatine Right – What You’ve Been Missing.
– The Rolls-Royce Of Fenugreek – Where To Find It And How To Get It For FREE!
– Pre-Workout NO Products – The Best of The Best.
– Hidden Nootropic Gem – Picamilon.
– New Year’s Resolutions – Fundamentals vs. Gimmick’s and Gadgets
– Two Supps To Get Now – Before “They” Take Them Away…
– How To Max Out Protein Synthesis – DNA Transcription + mRNA Translation

Volume 1, issue 1 (Nov. 2012)

– The 3 Day Detox Diet: Why and how to do it.
– Pure Ephedrine HCL: Where to find 30mg PURE ephedrine HCL tabs!
– The ECA stack is dead: Long live EC+EGGC and… EC-T? (Tagamet/Cimetidine.)
– HRT plus OTC test boosters: Is there a place for both?
– Stubborn calves? Here’s how to turn them into cows.
– Rob’s Recession Busters!!! Bodybuilding, on a Budget…
– Low Cost Shopping Done for You! – This Month’s Supplement STEALS!!!

Volume 5, issue 12 (Dec. 2016)

– How To Use Carb Powders To Put On Muscle – FAST
TRAINING CORNER: Trifecta Training
– How to Integrate Bodyweight Work With Traditional Weight Training

Volume 5, issue 10 (Oct. 2016)

– KRATOM’S GONE: What Really Happened And Your New Legal Alternatives?!
– TRAINING CORNER: Charles Staley Strikes Again – Stack 10 Training
– DHMA: Is It The Stimulant Real Deal Or Just Another Pretender?

Volume 5, issue 8 (Aug. 2016)

– REVEALED: Mass Pro Synthagen X2 Secrets, Details and The Discount Code for August Super Sale
– The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing: BRIDGING…
– THINKING OF HRT? You’re Not Going to Want to Miss This Clinic…
– RESEARCH CHEMICAL REVIEWS: Legal Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?

Volume 5, issue 6 (June 2016)

– BPC 157: Orally Active Peptide That Heals Bone, Teeth, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, And A Whole Lot More
– TRAINING CORNER: The Magic of Triple Drop Sets
– GETTING RIPPED: The Single Best Exercise for Torching Bodyfat. It Isn’t Weights, Can’t Be Found in The Gym and 100% Free!!!
– GAME CHANGER: Rest Intervals Between Sets – How to Stimulate Up to 50% Greater Protein Synthesis

Volume 5, issue 4 (April 2016)

– GAME CHANGER: Supplements for The Anabolic Diet
– TRAINING CORNER: Static Holds, to Boost Your Pullups
– The Only Neck Exercise You’ll Ever Need: Headstands…
– MUSCLE FOR PENNIES: Adding Cinnamon to Your Diet
– ANACYCLUS PYRETHRUM: More Evidence It’s a Real Anabolic

Volume 5, issue 2 (Feb. 2016)

– Lifting Long Term: The Top 3 Movements to Train for Life
– Tribulus Terrestris: New Study Shows It Works – Though Not For Reasons You’d Expect…
– Benching Big: Working What’s Weak Makes You Stronger
– Three New Pre-Workout Stacks, For Focus And Concentration

Volume 4, issue 12 (Dec. 2015)

– Supplement Sleeper: Burdock Root, For More Testosterone, Higher Libido and Stronger Erections
– The Farmers Walk: For Conditioning, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth – How To
– Another Win For Loaded Stretching: More Strength, More Muscle Growth
– Mile High Kratom: Strongest Strains Available!!

Volume 4, issue 10 (Oct. 2015)

– Training Corner: 4 Dirty Tricks, To Up Your Squat In Record Time
– DIET CORNER: Which Intermittent Fast Approach, Is Best For You?
– The Best Glucose Disposal Agent On A Budget: Cinnamon
– Research Chemical Review: PT-141, Erection Peptide

Volume 4, issue 8 (Aug. 2015)

– TRAINING CORNER: Integrating Static Holds
– DIET CORNER: Follow Up On Food Allergy Test
– JUICING HRT: How To Get Results Like You’re On 400mg/Week Of Test Cyp-Legally

Volume 4, issue 6 (June 2015)

– Here We Go Again: The SARM RAD140 – Stronger Than Testosterone?
– Buckminsterfullerene/C60: Best Kept Secrect, In Ped’s?
– SR9009: Exercise in a Bottle
– Phosphatidic Acid: Most Cost Effective OTC Anabolic Agent?

Volume 4, issue 4 (April 2015)

– Rhabdomyolosis
– Tanning Intensely?
– The Winds of Change
– Long Live Your Liver
– The One and Only Tranquilogen

Volume 4, issue 2 (Feb. 2015)

– Alpha Lipoic Acid: Friend or Foe
– Tianeptine: The Closest Thing to Legal Xanax?
– Training the Neck
– The Focus Dot: Harnessing The Power Of The Mind

Volume 3, issue 12 (Dec. 2014)

– Mucuna Pruriens 98% Extract
– It’s That Time of Year: Fighting Depression – What Works, What Doesn’t
– Protein Powders Exposed: Is Your Brand Cheating You? Find Out Here!!
– Re-Visiting Heavy Duty/High Intensity Training: What I learned from Mike Mentor and Your New Rx…

Volume 3, issue 10 (Oct. 2014)

– Bromantane: The Nootropic We’ve All Been Waiting For?
– No Time To Train? Part I: Tabata Body Weight Squats
– No Tme To Train?? Part Ii: Rifle Pullovers
– Pine Pollen: Over- looked Anabolic Agent?
– From The Vault: “How To Add Up To 50lbs To Your Bench Press, In 6 Weeks”!!!
– Absolute Must Read: Shawn Phillip’s Owners Manual

Volume 3, issue 8 (Aug. 2014)

– The Single Best Ami- no Acid You’re Not Using: Glycine
– Latest Ecdy Study: Found To Build Muscle Again But Is There A Catch?
– Training Corner: Benefits Of Wave Loading, And A How To Guide
– 30 Years Of Training and Lessons Learned: The Real Secrets
– Static Holds, Kaatsu and Tabata:How to Use All 3 For Explosive Growth!!!

Volume 3, issue 6 (June 2014)

– TTA For Fat Loss: Is It Worthy?
– Fasted Training, Amino Loading And You: Getting To Gainsville, In the Fast Lane
– Oleuropein: Retain 46% More Protein, 3x’s More Testosterone and 50% Less Cortisol?
– The Great Turkesterone Experiment: Update
– Diet Corner: Back to Top Making The Most of Intermittent Fasting – What You Need To Know
– 10 Tips For Faster Fat Loss

Volume 3, issue 4 (April 2014)

– Rapid Weight Loss Without Losing Muscle – How To.
– Bulbine Natalensis: Test Booster That Really Works?
– What Non-Hormonal Stacks Best With MPS? And The Winner Is…
– The MRP Is Back: “Full Strength” Reviewed.
– Metabolic Conditioning Training: The Wisdom Of Arthur Jones.

Volume 3, issue 2 (Feb. 2014)

– Brain Longevity: Creatine + Co-Enzyme Q-10.
– Ecdy: Scores Again – More Muscle In Animal Models.
– Building A Bigger Bench: The Setup.
– Re-Feeds: The Art Of Managing The Re-Feed.
– Insulin And Supps: What You Need To Know.

Volume 2, issue 12 (Dec. 2013)

– Whey Natural USA Visit: Kicking The Tires…
– SARM’s Gaining Momentum: Introducing GW501516 aka Endurobol.
– Training Corner: The 10% Method for Hypertrophy.
– Re-Visiting The Best Appetite Suppressant On The Market: Disguised As An Antacid.
– Steroid Corner: A-Bombs Are Toxic, Says Who?
– The Best Fat Loss Diets: Ties That Bind.
– Introducing The Slingshot Cycle: How to Use Red Yeast Rice To Amplify Muscle Growth.
– Supplement Steals, From Around The Web!!!
– Exclusive: MASS’s Year End Holiday Blowout Sale.

Volume 2, issue 10 (Oct. 2013)

– Forskolin: Test Booster and Fat Loss All In One – What You Need To Know.
– The Weekend Diet – A New Twist On Intermittent Fasting For FAST Fat Loss.
– 100 Rep Shock Therapy: Ramping Up Strength, Conditioning And Muscle Growth, Simultaneously.
– Adrafanil: Legal Loophole Revealed.
– Miss your Craze? Introducing 4-Fluoroamphetamine…
– Acid/Alkaline Balance: How To Tip The Scales In Your Favor.
– Supplement Steals – From Around The Web!

Volume 2, issue 8 (Aug. 2013)

– Newgrip Padded Hand Grips: More Overload = More Growth!!!
– Protection Against Cancer: Rob’s Top 3 Picks.
– New Designer Steroid: 6-Alpha-Chloro Testosterone.
– The 3 Best Bodyweight Exercises: Anywhere, Anytime.
– Glycerol Monostearate: Overlooked And Under-Appreciated.
– Tranquilogen Feedback: Two Weeks Out Of The Gate!
– Ostarine: The SARM For You?

Volume 2, issue 6 (June 2013)

– Kratom Capers: 8 Strains Reviewed.
– Back Issues: Powerful Information, Now At Your Fingertips.
– Yerba Mate’: A Smarter Solution, Vs. Caffeine.
– The One Arm Pushup: How To Build Brutal ‘Real World” Strength – And Save Your Shoulders.
– The Blueprint Meteoric: What It Is, How To Get It
– Pea Plus Rauwalscine Hcl: Powerful Pre-Workout, Without Caffeine.
– Supplement Steals, From Around The Web!

Volume 2, issue 4 (April 2013)

– The New Kratom King: What It Is And Where To Get It.
– The 5 X 5 Protocol, Automated And Re-Loaded: For Your Deadlift.
– On The Importance Of Progressive Overload And Waking, Resting Heart Rate: Two New Strategies Revealed.
– The New Nootropics: What They Are And Where To Get Them.
– Tried And True European Nootropics: The Best Of The Rest.
– Foam Rolling 101: Overlooked But With Lots Of Upside!

Volume 2, issue 2 (Feb. 2013)

– Strongest Nootropic Stim: What it is and Where To Get It!
– Tanning Intensely?: What You Absolutely Need To Do NOW – To Prevent Skin Cancer.
– A Performance Enhancer: For under a dollar!!!
– Supplement Scam: CLA.
– A Closer Look: At Phoenix KinetiCream.
– BCAA’s: The BEST On The Market, And Why You Should Be Using Them
– Cimetidine: For The Flu!
– This Month’s Supplement Steals, From Around The Web!

Volume 1, issue 12 (Dec. 2012)

– Kratom: Herbal Godsend of Devil’s Delight?
– The Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant You’re NOT Using: At PENNIES A Day.
– World’s Strongest Yohimbe Bark – And Where To Find It.
– Tagamet: Follow up on real world user feedback.
– The Two Most Under-Rated Lifts You’re NOT Using – To Grow BIG!
– Guanadino Proprionic Acid: What it Is, What it Does and Where To Find It.
– How to Optimize Muscle Hydration While Training.
– A Second Look, at 7-Keto DHEA.
– What Ever Happened To Sesamin?
– This Month’s Supplement STEALS, From Around The Web!

If you’re not gaining muscle or losing fat, there’s a problem with your training, diet or supplementation plan.

Correcting these problems is relatively simple IF you know where your capacity block is, and you’ll get there even faster with the right information.

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“I am still trying to wrap my head around the progress I have made just from the famine period to present.

My bodyfat is literally melting away. Today was the 2-3 rep range for the feast phase. I surprised myself yet again and am proud to say I destroyed all my previous PR’s.”


From The Blueprint Collective forums

“I’ve used ALOT of different training methods over the years but nothing compared to the results I saw with this.” Frank Castle

“I have been a subscriber to the Blue Print Bulletin for over a year now.

Here is what I like:

– The information relates to diet and exercise and is current
– The information can be read in less than 20 minutes
– The information is back up with science

All the above for the slightly higher cost of a bodybuilding, or men’s magazine, that is filled with out dated information and advertising from you latest peddler of protein powder.

This to me is far better value and well worth the cost.


With The Blue Prints latest offers you will get lots of free goodies that could enhance your body to a new level of muscle or fitness.

Considering I was only going to subscribe for 3-6 months and it has now been a year shows that I find the information of true value and one that should be considered as part of your exercise equipment.”

Rob Robertson

Scotland UK

“As a full time strength coach I’m always looking for an edge to help my athletes perform at a higher level. This is why I subscribe to The Blueprint Bulletin. Rob Regish keeps me up to date with the newest training methods, diet strategies and supplement breakthroughs that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re going to stay one step ahead of your competition, subscribing to The Blueprint Bulletin is a necessity…”

Gareth Denyer

Woodlands, TX, CPT, HCP Barbell

“…the exclusive ‘Formula’, a workout drink so good I will never train without it ever again in my life, and very likely playing a big part in what has been happening, and the ‘Recipe’, something new for 3.0 that will make your head spin.

Basically, all can say is that if you are tired of wasting your time and money and want to put on big time muscle over and over again… do yourself a favor and follow this program, you will not be disappointed, I promise you – this is the truth!”


“I am still trying to wrap my head around the progress I have made just from the famine period to present.

My bodyfat is literally melting away. Today was the 2-3 rep range for the feast phase. I surprised myself yet again and am proud to say I destroyed all my previous PR’s.”


from The Blueprint Collective forums

“My life has been forever changed. Most other sources of bodybuilding information regurgitate the same basic knowledge. But what I found in the blueprints and the bulletin was different from everything else out there. In the blueprints, Rob Regish spills the beans and provides much of what he’s learned from years and years of training.

Every time I think that I’ve scoured the Internet to find all the beneficial supplements, the Blueprint bulletin comes out and blows my mind. In the bulletin, Rob Regish usually provides several overviews of the latest, as well as the old-school, supplements that one could consider. But he’s not a bro, and tells his readers which ones they should not take as well as those that they should take. He’s not even selling these supplements. In fact, many of his best recommendations are inexpensive, easy-to-find items.”

Sean Hynes

I have gained 8 pounds in the last two weeks and I can guaran-freaking-tee you it ain’t fat!” Tim G.

Blueprint Believer, Louisville, KY

“Hello, I have finished the first week of feast and I don’t know if this is magic or what. Although I have not gained any muscle mass( at least enough to be seen) I have gotten so much stronger. I feel stronger and I feel better. I work a summer job of bailing hay and lifting them felt like feathers. I look forward to finishing this and I wanted to thank you for the help in the progress I’ve gained so far.” Joshua Bost

A word from Coach Rob

There is nothing else to buy! The training and diet principles WORK all by themselves, period. If you decide to enhance the program with scientifically sound, “Blueprint Tested” supplements then you’ll see that those natural bodybuilding supplements can expand your success.

Make no mistake, I don’t own a supplement company, nor do I have financial ties with any equipment manufacturer, gym chain or muscle magazine. This is the real deal.

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be happy about the Blueprint Army that we offer a 30 day guarantee.

If within 30 days of your registration, you are not 100% satisfied with the value of the content we offer, we will give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is my membership for?

A. Your membership is from month to month. There are no long term commitment so you can cancel at any time.

Q. What happens if I cancel?

A. Your payments will stop and your access to the private membership site and private Facebook group will be revoked. You might also forfeit some upcoming products or bonuses.

Q. How do I access the content? 

A. You will receive a username and password to access the membership site. You can access most products there. Blueprint Bulletins are emailed each month. Some bonuses will only be available after 3 months. Instructions will be provided to access the Facebook Group. (You will need a Facebook account to use this feature.)

Q. If I cancel and want to come back, can I get the same plan I had?

A. You will have to renew at the current prices if you cancel. Whatever price plan you get in at will remain the same throughout your membership. You might also miss some limited time offer bonuses.

Q. I am currently subscribing to the Blueprint Bulletin. Can I change my subscription to a Blueprint Army membership instead?

A. Yes. Simply sign up for the Blueprint Army membership level you want. Once you’re in, we’ll cancel your subscription to the Blueprint Bulletin.

Q. What happens if membership prices go up?

A. Whatever happens, your price will remain the same. We grandfather the plans so even when they go up, your monthly payment remains the same.

Q. I currently own some of the products from Coach Rob like Blueprint or Meteoric. Can I get a discount for my membership?

A. Thank you, we appreciate your loyalty! If you’ve read it this far, you most likely love what you got and are looking for more. Unfortunately, we cannot modify the membership packages but rest assured that the value from the membership is phenomenal and will keep on growing. We will make sure to give your money’s worth!