Did you ever use a product called, “Superbolic”? It used to be advertised in the back of all the muscle mags, and claimed incredible gains.

What was in it, and did it work?


Fortunately, I can say I was never taken in by this one – but I had at least one friend that was

Superbolic was unique, at least in the packaging department

It was packaged in small glass vials, but instead of a rubber stopper on one end it simply tapered to a point on both

Looking something like a project you’d make in glass shop, you could see the yellowish, watery liquid swishing around inside. It was rather elegant looking, and for certain was different than anything else I’ve seen before (or since).

How it was legal, I don’t’ know because you had to literally break off one of the glass tips and drink it, which is precisely what my friend did – he downed an entire case (I think it was 10 vials of the stuff).

Fortunately for him, there weren’t any stimulants or anything else in there that could have hurt him. He was spitting out glass shards at the end though, I remember that.

Anyway, we then went golfing and a few holes in, he had to visit the woods to relieve himself.

As I’m putting my bag on the cart, I hear “Holy sh!t!!

I turned around just in time to see the brightest, almost fluorescent urine stream I think I’ve ever seen.

Looking back at it, I guess it was funny.

But make no mistake, you do this today and you could be taking a trip to the hospital (or worse, the morgue).

Back then, there really wasn’t anything that did anything… if I had to guess, it was probably massive doses of B-vitamins and a few glandulars.

Did it work? Well, that depends. It did allow you to light up a room with your urine, but no – he never saw any gains in the gym from it.

Laugh if you will but also see this for what it is: A cautionary tale of youthful indiscretion. It could have very well gone the other way, but fortunately – didn’t.

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