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How to Stay Injury Free

By Coach Rob Regish / November 11, 2018 /

Question I’m 44 years old and am making one last run at a 400lb bench press. It’s been years since I’ve bulked up and things are moving along, but I don’t recover like I used to and recently wrenched my back. Any tips on what I can do to stay injury free? Answer I’m in…

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Best Upper Body Movement For Growth

By Coach Rob Regish / October 13, 2018 /

Question What is the best upper body movement for growth? Answer Simple answer, the pullover…. In July of 1970, a groundbreaking article appeared in the then excellent magazine IRONMAN – penned by the late Arthur Jones. It’s title, “The Upper Body Squat”. Jones shrewdly pointed out that the largest muscular mass in the upper body…

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What is Cyanidin-3 Glucoside?

By Coach Rob Regish / September 14, 2018 /

Question Can you talk about cyanidin-3 glucoside. It’s sold as a selective nutrient repartitioning agent. Is this legit? How does it work?   Answer Cyanidin is one of the six Anthocyanins, and its glucoside Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G) has been getting attention for its ability to decrease blood glucose levels, without hindering muscle protein synthesis. They’re a…

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Creatine: Before a workout or after?

By Coach Rob Regish / August 28, 2018 /

Now here’s a good question and one which is long over-due. Usually, people just roll their eyes when creatine questions are brought up, but after 2 decades of being the undisputed king of supplements, it’s worth re-visiting.

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