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I want to know what you think about Biotest Supplements? These guys were all the rage 20 years ago, and they’re still around today – which you say is a good thing.

Do they have any worth looking into?


Biotest aka was in fact doing some innovative things … 20 years ago.

Today, they’re much like AST Research – sitting on a stale product line with some good products, some bad and a lot of mediocre items, in my opinion.

The Good

They were first with a transdermal 4-AD and nor 4 AD with their “Androsol” and “Nor-Androsol” formulas. These were just the respective PH in a alcohol base, and nothing more, though they were both effective.

Their best product was probably Mag-10, a combination of 4-AD-EC and One Testosterone in an orally active liquid suspension (not to be confused with their current “Mag10” product – which contains no pro-hormones whatsoever.

They also used to have a nor-ephedrine based fat burner, one of only 2 ever to appear on the market.

The Bad

Biotest also pushed some real losers though. Chief among those being Methoxy-7 (a methoxyisoflavone product), Myostat CSP-3, a purported natural myostatin inhibitor made from seaweed and Carbolyn 19, a Forskolin based product. None of them did anything of note, and all but Carbolyn 19 were discontinued.

Today, they’re pushing Indigo 3 which appears to be an oral product built around the pro-ancyanthids found in blueberries. It’s billed as a glucose disposal type product, although the only place I’ve heard of it working is on the Biotest boards (which appear to be heavily censored).

Otherwise, their Tribex and Alpha Male products are probably their best sellers. These contain Tribulus, Longifolia and Forskolin as their active ingredients.

I’d tell you that they’re simply over-priced Trib IMO, and you can usually do much better buying the highly purified single ingredients if looking to go that route.

Bottom Line

Other than Biotest’s protein powder and perhaps their fish oil product called “Flameout,” there’s nothing that really interests me there. In both of those instances, you can buy better, and usually cheaper, alternatives as well (Thriv and Carlson’s fish oil).

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