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In terms of boosting immune function, what products would you put at the top of the list? If you had to buy one, what would it be? Is vitamin C better than Vitamin D?

There are so many, and I’m not sure what forms to buy either. Is transdermal better than oral, and should I get a B12 shot from my Dr?

Any tips?


Yes, tip #1 would be to understand that as with building muscle or burning fat, building your immune function is a lot more than just popping pills.

Without a good night’s sleep as your bedrock, you can forget about taking pills and powders in an attempt to build a strong immune system.

Studies for example show that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness is dramatically lowered by coming up short on sleep.

And your food matters too, working hand in glove with sleep.

How about exercise? It’s been established that the right amount of training boosts immune function, while too much or not enough does the opposite.

With all of that said, I’ll take your questions one by one.


Compounds that I’d put at the top of the list for immune function would include Vitamin D, Vitamins E and C, Alpha Lipoic Acid to regenerate C and E along with various mushroom strains such as Shitake, Cordyceps and Reishe.

That, along with getting your glutathione levels topped off with N-Acetyl-Cysteine are paramount IMO.

If I had to buy one? Probably Vitamin D, although having Vitamin C powder on hand for acute loading in the event of sickness would be a close second.

Speaking of that, I think virtually everyone should have a pound or 2 of Vitamin C on hand for the same purpose.

Your immune system uses a ton of it, especially when under attack.

As proof of that, I can take around 20 grams/day when NOT sick, before reaching saturation.

When I have something I’m fighting off however, I can regularly take twice that amount (or more), without reaching saturation (as measured by bowel tolerance).

That isn’t a pleasant thing to discuss, OK? But its critical you understand how to saturate your body with C, so the discussion is necessary.

Take 5-10g an hour every hour until such time as you’re in the bathroom with loose stools. At that point, you’ll know you’re saturated.

For saturation, plain old vitamin C is adequate. You don’t need ester C, Super C etc just plain old ascorbic acid.

In terms of Vitamin D, Primal D transdermal was the best I ever used (as measured by blood test, going from 35 to 70 on the scale – and you could feel it).

In the absence of that, get enough sunshine and supplement with D3 if necessary – and optimize it via blood work with your Dr.

If D levels still won’t budge, make sure your Magnesium intake is adequate. Big difference.

Finally, I’ve yet to see anything dramatic in people getting B12 shots, although I’d imagine you don’t want to be deficient in it either.

Bottom Line

After a good night’s sleep, good diet and proper training, using the vitamins and minerals I’ve outlined are your best defense insofar as building a strong immune system.

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