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What’s the straight deal on COVID, especially this Delta variant? It’s pretty clear you’re anti-vaccine, but what if they mandate it for everyone?

And why do some people die from COVID and others just get the sniffles? Something doesn’t make sense, and I wonder what you think.


I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a doctor, and you should see one and asked for informed consent from your physician before making any healthcare decision.

With that out of the way, here’s what I think…

The straight deal with COVID (Delta variant or not) isn’t easy to get at. Let me give you just one example… COVID deaths.

COVID Deaths

We’re told over 600,000 Americans have died from COVID thus far. Now, did they include people that had JUST COVID? Not from what I can see.

If you were 114 years old, smoked for 50 years, have COPD as a result, got COVID and died – that counted as dying from COVID.

Does that seem disingenuous to you? It does to me.

I know of nobody (knock on wood) who died from COVID and ONLY COVID.

Now if this was really as lethal as they say, it would be something like Ebola.

And trust me, if it was Ebola you’d know LOTS of people that died from it and ONLY it. Dozens. Perhaps many dozens.

I can’t reconcile the discrepancy, it makes no sense to me.

Next, the Delta variant. It appears more transmittable, but not necessarily more deadly (news reports of course differ).

Because the original COVID story doesn’t add up, this one doesn’t either. It appears custom made to scare people IMO, as well as blame certain populations for its rise (i.e. the unvaccinated). More on that in a bit.

Now, if you think this stops at Delta, think again. Because there will of course be the Echo, Foxtrot and other variants that’ll allow the gov’t to push its narrative, and help big pharma develop vaccine after vaccine (or booster after booster).

It will in effect, be vaccines without end for every man, woman and child in this country.

Math isn’t my strong point, but 332.5 million Americans times say, $3000/shot = a shit load of money.

And that’s just the US! They’re looking to vaccinate the WORLD folks. Billions and Billons of people, hundreds of billions (perhaps TRILLIONS) in profit.

Predictably then, almost every US company making a vaccine has reported record earnings recently, most of it on the back of their “vaccines.”

Vaccine Mandates

Now, about vaccine mandates here in the US.

Interesting how there are stories everywhere about “conspiracy theory anti-vaxxers” who are radio personalities, Republican politicians and other people DYING from COVID.

Funny thing though, nobody has run a story about my Dad going blind after his 2nd Pfizer shot.

In fact, his doctor refused to hear any of it, so it never made it into the VAEARS database.

WRT Mandates…Biggest form of tyranny and threat to our personal freedoms in history IMO, even bigger than the surveillance society 9/11 and the Patriot Act ushered in.

They really don’t need a countrywide mandate, although I’m convinced that’s coming. They’re just making life miserable for the unvaccinated, or impossible for them to function.

Don’t want to get vaccinated? OK, but you’re fired. Or OK, but you’ll be paying $300 more a month (per person) to be covered under our group medical plan. Or OK, but you can’t enter any grocery stores, gyms or fly/use any public transportation.

In effect, you won’t be able to earn a living, eat, get access to adequate healthcare or travel anywhere. Which is just as well, because once you lose your job, house and probably car – you won’t be able to go anywhere anyway.

Based on all this and more, I’ve chosen not to be vaccinated. I’m sure someone’s listening thinking “he’ll be dead soon.” Maybe, but so far my immune system has served me quite well. So, no mandate yet for me.

If you DO find yourself in such a position, I’d recommend 3 things…

My Recommendations

1.) Find a good attorney and sue your employer, the gov’t or whoever thinks they can “mandate” anything that goes into your body. My body, my choice. Or does that only apply when we’re killing babies?

2.) Pursue a religious or medical exemption. This might be the most enjoyable of the 3, as you’ll probably need to get creative with both.

3.) Prepare for an extended vacation to parts unknown, and have the werewithal to pull it off. This is of course the last resort, but the way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about anti-vaxxers getting a pre-dawn “visit” by FEMA and other authorities, then “disappearing” or being taken to a “safe zone.”

Think that can’t happen here? They thought the same thing in Nazi Germany, and in fact our gov’t is doing many of the same things the Nazi’s did NOW (censoring free speech, etc).

I’ve already told my wife – this is the hill I die on. If they come for me and I have my way, my last stand will be in a nearby veterans cemetery. Filled with hundreds, maybe thousands of heroes that died – so that I didn’t have to live in a country where my voice is silenced, “mandates” any Godforsaken injection or has replaced God with Government.

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