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Curry is a generic term used in the West denoting a wide variety of herbs used in cuisine originating from India or SE Asia. The common denominator here is usually some complex combination of spices or herbs, many of which share ties that bind with the sports nutrition market.
Having said that, what if I told you there was a FANTASTIC, inexpensive blend of 10 of the absolute BEST bodybuilding herbs available? A product you could pick up and put to use TODAY, to assist in your muscle building, fat loss efforts? There is in fact, and it’s likely waiting for you RIGHT NOW at your local grocery store – in the spice aisle.
The deceptively simple name of this product you’re looking for is “CURRY”, by Morton and Bassett Spices of Novato, CA. Deceptively named because once you look under the hood, you’ll find something quite special in each blue topped bottle. Each 59g container packs 10 gems you won’t want to miss.
Here’s what you get – and all for a whopping 6 dollars and change…
It’s been called the herbal clenbuterol, slowing muscle loss, burning fat, improving glucose disposal, inhibiting conversion of amino acids into glucose and even relieving pain. Yet, it suffers one fundamental flaw: Poor oral bioavailability. One group of researchers from Harvard noted though that: “A novel method to increase the bioavailability of curcumin is to add piperine, found in black pepper, which increases the uptake of curcumin in humans by 2,000 per cent.”
Which brings us to another ingredient in this Curry blend…
Black Pepper
You’re probably familiar with this in the form of “bioperine”, which is added to many supplements to improve oral bio-availability. No worries scratching around for it elsewhere, as it’s already included…
Fenugreek is one of my favorite herbs, given it’s been shown in some studies to boost testosterone, GH, improve creatine uptake as much as carbs (likely via the 4-hydroxy-isoleucine content), balance blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. The furostanolic saponins found in Fenugreek are incredible compounds IMO and impart great benefits, not the least of which are improved bloodflow, appetite and a very pronounced boost in libido.
Coriander has been used in some cultures as a traditional treatment for diabetes. A study on mice found it exhibited both insulin-releasing and insulin-like activity.
The seeds were found in a study on rats to have a significant cholesterol lowering effect, resulting in lower levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, and increasing levels of HDL’s (high-density lipoproteins). These effects appear to be caused by increasing the synthesis of bile in the liver and the breakdown of cholesterol into “other compounds”.
Recall cholesterol is the starter material for among other things – testosterone
Mustard Flour
Extremely mineral rich. How mineral rich?
Mustard flour contains 26 percent of your daily calcium, 51 percent of your daily iron, 92 percent of your daily magnesium, 40 percent of your daily zinc, and 82 percent of your daily phosphorus. Great source of cysteine too…
Not to be confused with curcumin, it’s used traditionally for immediate relief from respitory conditions, has antiseptic properties and aids in curing the common cold by drying up mucus. Cumin also helps in stimulating the secretion of enzymes in the pancreas which in turn helps the body absorb nutrients from your diet.

Finally, it helps the liver flush toxins from the body.
Ginger Root
Adel Musa posted just this morning at “Ginger Strikes Again – Increases in all enzymes related to glucose and fructose metabolism, as well as glycogen deposition in liver in and skeletal muscle”.  It also boosts circulation, lowers high blood pressure and keeps the blood thin in higher doses.
Like all black peppercorns, the actives in allspice improve digestion by increasing gastro-intestinal secretions.
Cayenne is used as a natural fat burner and pain killer, increasing metabolism, circulation, boosting the immune system and aiding digestion. It’s also known as “red shoes” in some Scandanavian countries, given when placed in your shoes/boots during winter it prevents frost bite by increasing circulation and keeping the feet and toes warm.
Studies have shown that it can raise metabolic rates by as much as 25 percent, a figure that handily surpasses even the 15% increase seen with ephedrine/caffeine use…
It’s common practice in India to chew fennel seeds after meals. This is done to again, facilitate digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Some of the essential oils in fennel stimulate secretion of digestive and gastric juices, reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestines and facilitate proper absorption of nutrients from the food.
Consider 2g/day of this “Curry” product in stews, soups, over sweet potatos, squash or rubbed into meats. In one shot, you get an herbal stack that slows muscle tissue breakdown, improves glucose disposal, digestion and assimilation of your food, alkalizes the body, relieves pain and boosts libido. For under $.25cents/day, I think you’ll find it an incredible addition to your supplement stack – particularly given the cost/benefit ratio…
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