Do you know if GABA can boost GH? Does it really build muscle or help strip bodyfat?

From the BluePrint Power Hour


Hey Rob, do you happen to know if GABA can really boost GH? If so, how do I use it and does it really build muscle or help in stripping bodyfat?

Many thanks Mr. Regish!

– Richard F.


Researchers at Shenandoah University demonstrated a pre-workout dose of 3g of GABA boosted GH levels no less than 480%(1). This has further been shown to be biologically active GH. The other kicker from this study was this: The average age of these guys was just 23, all of whom trained regularly.

There is some evidence from the University of Milan, Italy that a pre-bedtime dose of 5g can raise GH by 550%. For the record, I don’t think these transient surges in GH necessarily translate to quick gains in muscle/lower bodyfat levels. Over time though, I’m convinced they do. They are gold IMO, insofar as healing injuries, skin and connective tissue etc as you age.

Here then, are the cliff notes on GABA:

  • GABA should always be used on an EMPTY stomach, or at least 3 hours away from any protein containing meal. The other aminos in the protein will compete (and win) with GABA for entry into the brain, washing out GABA’s effects
  • For sleep, it should be taken about 30 min. prior
  • For training, 15 minutes before warmups with some caffeine if drowsiness is an issue
  • Go slow, introducing GABA in 1g increments. This, due to the fact it can impart parasthesia/tingling and shortness of breath that spook those who aren’t expecting it.


I especially like keeping some by the bathroom sink when I get up during the night to join UrinationNation. When I do, down the hatch goes 5g of GABA. That puts me back to sleep FAST, and adds yet another big boost to GH over any given 24 hour period.

Economical, effective and worth its weight in gold if only for the deep, refreshing sleep it imparts…

(1) Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2008 Jan; 40(1): 104-10.

From The BluePrint Power Hour (Nov. 5, 2013)

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