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I just started training and my body is changing rapidly. What are the chances I have the genetics of a pro bodybuilder? Cuz that’s what I want to do with my life.


Having a son of my own, I’d never (almost never) discourage any young dreams or aspirations.

People don’t realize the power of words sometimes – especially to a young, developing brain.

That goes both ways too by the way, as encouraging realistic and healthy dreams can literally make these kids too.

The short answer to your question is – maybe. Not knowing how long you’ve been training, what you look like or other particulars.. it’s tough to say.

The drug issue eventually comes into play at that level too, and it too affects people (sometimes) VERY differently.

Meaning I’ve seen what look like genetically average men (or close to it) get a HUGE response from very little drug use.

One of the best built men I ever met was using just 300mg of test and I think 600 to 800mg of Deca per week – that’s it.

This guy didn’t use any orals, didn’t change anything else and BOOM – his muscles became very full, very vascular, and his waistline didn’t increase one inch.

Conversely I knew many guys using a gram of test (or more) per week, Deca, lots of Dbal and/or A-bombs, Tren – the whole 9 yards and – they weren’t nearly as well build as the test/deca only guy.

So it’s tough to say based upon where you started, where you are now and where you’ll be (hopefully) a decade or more from now, when you start adding drugs into the picture.

Which, let’s be honest – are necessary to compete at the higher pro level shows where you can actually make a living doing this.

Two Things To Remember

I would encourage you to chase that dream if you choose to, but always remember these 2 things.

One, don’t do anything that permanently damages your health and two, have a backup plan (either a business of your own, college education or both).

Think about it, there are what – a few dozen pro bodybuilders that actually make a decent living at this? Maybe… And don’t confuse “turning pro” with making a living. I know several people who “turned pro” and were living out of their cars.

By comparison, there are an average of 2 dozen players on every MLB baseball team – and the AVERAGE player makes $4.41 million/year.

Since there are 30 teams, MLB has a total of about 720 multi-millionaires running around.

By comparison, Ronnie Coleman won 8 Olympia titles, being paid a TOTAL of $930k.

And remember, Coleman was the world’s top bodybuilder during those 8 Olympia wins – and there can only be ONE.

I won’t go into the price he paid and the shape he’s in today, but to him it was worth it so more power to him.

So dream big and give it your all but remember – the odds of turning pro and becoming rich and famous are slim (at least in comparison to other pro sports), so have your backup plans in place if and when it doesn’t pan out.

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