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I’ve got some pretty severe shoulder issues. In particular, a torn labrum and according to my Dr., some pretty severe arthritis. He recommended surgery, but I’m not keen to get that done.

Will Glucosamine help me? What about Cissus??


The good news here is that it sounds like he got an accurate diagnosis.

First, we know he has a torn labrum. We don’t know to what extent, but at least we know what one of the underlying problems is.

Second, we know there’s some arthritis in the picture. The word severe was used, which usually means there’s little to no cartilage left.

Now, let’s talk about options.

To date, I’m not aware of any supplement or drug that can reliably fix what I’ll call structural issues aka the labrum tear.

Here and there you’ll hear about BPC 157 “fixing” something like this, but the reports are inconsistent and its unclear if the injury would have healed itself anyway, at least with enough time. If that’s the case, BPC will likely benefit you.

If a piece of your labrum tore off and is floating around inside the shoulder and that’s what’s causing pain – it’s doubtful even BPC 157 could make a difference.

I just can’t see how BPC or anything short of surgery somehow removes that piece, then perforates the area around the wound like the Dr. would to help the body heal over that.

So unless this is an insurance or a money issue, I’d bite the bullet and have surgery.

Glucosamine and Other Supps

I do believe Glucosamine helps – even in those instances of severe arthritis where there is NO cartilage left. I know it makes a big, big difference for me.

Even more so though, is the combination of Glucosamine and Cissus.

Although neither is going to re-grow cartilage from nothing, the reduction in pain and recovery of your range of motion is remarkable.

I should caveat things by saying there’s a new Cissus I’m using that far outperforms any other – and I’ve used a LOT of Cissus.

Incredibly, it’s effective at just TWO capsules a day, which is ½ to 1/3rd the dosage of most products.

Otherwise, I’d tell you that certain types of collagen help along with Hyaluronic Acid.

Bottom Line

I’d encourage you to experiment with the compounds I’ve mentioned here. There are others you can try, but these are the best IMO. Most importantly though, get the surgery done to fix the underlying structural issue at hand. I think you’ll find it really is necessary in some cases, and once its done – it’s done. Hopefully for good.

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