Tranquilogen For Sleep?


I have ordered a few bottles of Tranquilogen in an effort to try and help me sleep. How best should I use them?


You hear a lot on the BluePrint Power Hour show about Synthagen and Progenadrex, not so much for Tranquilogen . My second product, it was designed moreso for stress relief and originally targeted for sleep. The original formula used Phenibut as a centerpiece ingredient, but let’s be honest – there’s addiction potential with that. I didn’t want to be the cause of anyone’s habit, so we went with Rhodiola. So it’s Curcumin (pain relief and a lot more), Rhodiola, the now banned picamilon, 5-HTP and astaxanthin.

I erred when rolling it out by positioning it as a sleep aid. The reality is that Rhodiola can help with that, but in a large % of the population it does the reverse – it gives them energy. And the strain we use is the real deal, so it’s potent. One cap for example is perfect for my GF as a mid afternoon pickup. 2 caps and it gives her the jitters (there’s no caffeine in the product). So I learned a hard lesson there, not realizing that just because it relaxed me, that isn’t necessarily true for everyone.

Your best bet then is to try a cap around noon, to see which way you respond. If it gives you energy, then it’s best positioned just prior to the afternoon slump. On the other hand, it’ll lead to relaxation for a good % of the population. In that context, I’d take 1-2 caps about 45 minutes prior to sleep OR prior to a stressful episode (public speaking, for example).

Overall it’s a great product and likely the strongest anti-oxidant you can get your hands on. Curcumin is at the top of my list for herbs, given its wide range of benefits. Rhodiola has research showing improvement in work capacity and the research on astaxanthin continues to impress. The only issue is this: It’s not Synthagen, so it gets over-looked.

One other tip. If TQ does in fact relax you, there’s no finer stack than a cap or two at night, along with 3-5 grams of GABA on an empty stomach. I don’t have any science to back this up, but those two go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s lights out, and you’ll have some of the most vivid dreams you can imagine.

Hope that helps Rob.

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