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For someone with no injuries though, do joint supplements hold any value?


If you asked me this question years ago, I would have told you the answer was no given time and experience though, I’d tell you today that the answer is yes. Here’s why.

Let’s take Glucosamine as our reference standard, given it’s the most widely known and used listen to these study headlines, many of which are still being written:

*Glucosamine, life extension drug by virtue of its ability to mimic a low carb diet *Glucosamine, the amino sugar that protects against deadly heart attacks and cancer N-Acetyl *Glucosamine accelerates production of muscle fibers Glucosamine protects against lung and colon cancer, which your truly have the gene for

Now consider what we know about another well known joint protector/anti-inflammatory – Fish Oil. If ever there was a supplement with a body of research behind it showing benefits, it’s this stuff. Understand that like Glucosamine, Fish Oil also has other interesting properties important to bodybuilders – like much improved body composition.

Something else people take to improve joint function and keep inflammation down – Curcumin.
Personally, I think Curcumin plus Fish Oil is about the best OTC anti-catabolic you can get given its been shown to virtually arrest all muscle loss during prolonged periods of inactivity.

Pattern of Success

See a pattern here? So called “joint supplements” are in reality better at building muscle, burning fat and improving your health than most products purported to build muscle! And I’m happy to say I’ve identified several others that not only do the same thing, but do so much, much better in my opinion.

In fact, there are two specific combinations of these “joint supplements” I’ve been toying with that I think far out-perform 99% of the “muscle building” supplements on the market – and there’s a lot of science behind both.

If these work out as well as I think they will, they’ll be in a forthcoming issue of The Bulletin, but until then suffice it to say the ones I’ve mentioned here are a great example of where things are going.

Hope that helps.

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