Most Productive Lower Body Movement


What do you figure is the most productive lower body movement. If you had to choose just one, what would you pick?


My answer’s going to surprise a lot of people, because it’s not squats. Not that the squat isn’t a fantastic movement – it is. But along with the rewards come some inherent risks, and not everyone is built to squat. More to my point: The most productive lower body movement in my estimation is the Russian step up, with heavy DB’s.

The stark reality is that the movement is safer than the squat, yet conveys virtually all of its benefits and then some. The key is the height of the box or bench you’re stepping up on. The lower the box, the more the quadriceps are involved. The higher the box, the more the glutes and hams are involved. This is also one movement that’ll get your heart pumping like no other. It not only builds muscle, but incredible cardiovascular conditioning as well.

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