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I want to ask you about supplements you keep coming back to. What I mean is that I’ll use something for awhile, get good results then try something new. But I always come back to certain products.

Can you tell me what those products are for you??


Interestingly enough, this is the same dynamic I’ve seen in myself and others, so it’s a great observation.

On the surface, you’d think the supplements in question would be things like creatine, caffeine or protein powder. And for most people, that trio works well.

My experience however, has been a little different.

My Supplement Experience

I have problems with most creatine products. Problems like too much water weight being gained, or just substandard results in general.

I do much better on just 2 grams of creatine, but stacked with 2 other compounds in the same family. Let’s just call them guanadino related compounds. I get a noticeable bump in strength, but no added water retention.

I also do really well on Ecdysterone and have been using it for almost 30 years now.

Likewise I’ve always been a fan of EAA’s during training.

In 1992 I experienced the benefits of something else – boosting nucleotide pools. The product in question was called Metacil, made by a company called Atletika.

Interestingly enough, they were also the first to offer a quality Ecdysterone product in America (Retibol), Rangicrin (Deer Antler) Mumie (Russian Moomiyo), Triboxin (the original Tribulus) and the coup des gras IMO, “Aminofit.”

Aminofit was the very first low molecular weight protein to be sold in America (hydrolyzed down to 400 daltons). It was the most bitter, raw, nasty tasting stuff you could ever imagine. To his credit, Brunner said so on the label and in his advertising. And it worked – better than anything else at the time. Even today, its effects would be strong and noticeable.

Since those products all worked to varying degrees but were no longer available, I incorporated all of that and more into Synthagen. I take that every time I train.

I discovered GABA in 1992 as well, and Glycine shortly thereafter. I use one or the other every night, which without question improves my sleep.

I also always use melatonin before bed, which also improves my sleep and anti-oxidant function.

Ephedrine as a pre-workout or dedicated thermogenic has also been in the mix, pretty much every day for the last 30 years.

Other Herbs

There are 3 other herbs I use on a regular basis, and have for years now: Curcumin, Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda. I get all 3 and more in Tranquilogen. I take that 5 days/week.

Ginger was added as a staple within the last year, and is probably the most cost/effective supplement on this list.

If you study my staples then, each has been carefully selected to either improve training Intensity, volume and/or Frequency.

That’s no accident, as when studying steroids I noticed they do the same. They allow you to lift heavier, do more work and recover faster

Of course, steroids do it better and cheaper – but there’s no question these supplements work.

Try it and see for yourself: Training with them is night and day vs. training without them.

Bottom Line

I’d recommend everyone looking for more muscle to evaluate supplements in a similar fashion. You may discover other products work better with your unique physiology, but provided they’re positively impacting the 3 fundamentals I mentioned – you’ll always be on the right track.

Hope that helps.

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