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I’m thinking of coming off supplements altogether. 40 years old, just haven’t seen the return on my investment like I’d like. I’ve used protein powder daily for years, multi-vitamins, caffeine, BCAA’s, Glutamine even creatine – with not much to show for it.

Am I just a non-responder to these products, or am I using the wrong ones?


Several of the products mentioned here would be considered the most solid, research based out there.

Certainly the protein (assuming a high BV such as whey, casein or even egg), caffeine, BCAA’s and of course creatine.

The only questionable thing on this list IMO is the glutamine and perhaps the multi-vitamins, depending on the formula.

So I don’t’ think he’s using the wrong ones, and its unlikely people would be a non-responder to both protein and creatine. If used consistently, one or both should have shown some value.

But it gets back to context, and I’m going to come back to calories for a minute to show you how context matters.

If you came to me and said hey, none of these supplements are working, I’m just going to stop taking all of them…. I’d immediately ask what your goals are.

If like many your goal is to gain muscle, my next question is going to be about calories.

Someone taking all these supplements but eating just 2,000 calories/day…. Yeah, I can understand why they’re not “working.”

I’d bet any amount of money that if this same person started eating 4,000 calories/day and used the same supplements, those supps would work a whole lot better.

In some cases, they’d get a drug like gain and consider one or all of them miraculous.

Goal Change

Next, let’s consider his goals change.

He’s 40 now, and there’s a family history of heart disease, diabetes and arthritis to consider.

He’d still like some muscle but above all, he wants to be healthy enough to watch his kids and grandkids grow up.

If that’s the case, I’d say it would be an even bigger mistake to pass on the preventative nutrients we have today at our disposal.

Things like Vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, Ginger, Niacin, Astaxanthin, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, K2 and Curcumin are inexpensive, scientifically proven ways to PREVENT these problems before they start, which is always the best medicine.

That too, is context – and why it matters.

Bottom Line

Understand your goals, the context of why you’re taking a supplement and the various ways to measure effectiveness. You’ll usually find at least a few of them can benefit you. Not all of them are in the mirror.

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