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I’m having some issues “below the belt” so to speak. I’m a little north of 40 and have a really hard time getting and keeping it up.

Is there anything natural that’ll help? Also, can you tell me about Viagra and how that works? Side effects?


I’m actually glad someone asked this because its something we need to talk about, not avoid or laugh at. As you’ll soon see, it may be indicative of an even bigger problem.

The inability to get or maintain an erection could be due to a number of things: It could be poor blood flow. It could be you’re not sufficiently aroused. It could be you’re under a lot of stress or have anxiety that’s causing the issue.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about sex it’s this (and it’s true for both sexes): Most of it is in your head. The brain controls EVERYTHING, and sex is no exception

Now if you’re bored or not sufficiently aroused then discuss it with your wife, GF – maybe both. I’ve known guys that’ve been married for years who have no interest in sex all.

Surround them with attractive younger females though and it’s like watching a Christmas tree light up.

If you’re married though and you’re not already doing this – have date night. It really does help jazz things up and most men (and women) benefit.

But let’s say you’re under a lot of stress at work – that can do it too. Why? Your mind isn’t on sex, but getting fired because you missed the deadline on that big project you’re working on.

Similar situation is anxiety about not being able to perform – you’re so afraid of not performing then.. you guessed it – you can’t perform.


Viagra is what’s known as a PDE-5 inhibitor, causing the release of nitric oxide (a gas) that dramatically improves blood flow, which obviously helps a lot of men.

But if Viagra is the only thing that’ll allow you to get even a semi-erection, you have bigger issues – like poor blood flow.

And it’s a pretty safe bet that if you have poor blood flow below the belt, you almost certainly have it elsewhere – like in your coronary arteries.

A reasonable and prudent plan for any guy then is keeping those pipes wide open – via both weight training and of course, cardio.

Important to also state that Viagra doesn’t “work” without being aroused mentally first. It’s not like here, take this pill and in 30 minutes you’ll have a raging erection. Again, all of that is under the control of the mind.

.You can take all the Viagra you want and if you’re watching Rosie O’Donnell, it ain’t happening.

· Other sides include transient vision disturbances in some, double vision is the worst I’ve heard of but I can imagine that’s plenty scary.

A high quality Tribulus or Fenugreek is actually not a bad natural solution, provided it contains at least 45% furostanolic saponins.

Fun fact: Before Viagra, there was a prescription Yohimbe on the market (Yohimbex or Yohicon, something like that). Too many sides with that compound though IMO, like sky high blood pressure, goose bumps that never go away and sweating profusely.

Bottom Line

I’d get to the bottom of the issue first, vs. just going looking for Viagra – at least out of the gate. Most guys know if it’s a psychosomatic issue or otherwise. Whatever it is, get it addressed and remember – improving blood flow through exercise benefits everyone… and it’s free.

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