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I’m interested in Progenadrex, as I’ve literally never seen such positive reviews (except maybe on Synthagen, another one of your products).

I’m in the UK, and we still have pro-hormones here. I was going to go that route but am still young (early 20’s). Is it a better choice, and if so why?


In your early 20’s, you’re likely still in your hormonal prime – pumping out huge amounts of testosterone. Other important hormones are also at their peak – things like growth hormone, insulin and associated insulin sensitivity. So adding more hormones (in the form of a pro-hormone, many of which I feel are intrinsically active) is like dumping gasoline on an open fire – it’s just not going to end well.

Take too much or stay on too long and you can do lasting damage to your endocrine system. I’ve spoken with several young men who’ve gone completely sterile and are now working with doctors to get their sperm count up. You can cycle with PCT but let’s be honest – it’s a dicey game you’re playing.

In the US

The situation in the US is somewhat different: PH’s and all of their analogues have largely been banned here, and the few PH’s left on the market are (frankly) crap compared to what was banned: weaker and more suppressive, so it’s a lose lose situation. And they won’t be on the market for long because the 2014 DASCA contains catch all wording allowing for their immediate removal from market.

The only qualifier is that it looks, acts or is advertised to work as testosterone, and virtually all known anabolics are chemical variations of such. The crime is now building muscle, something that’s very scary given they passed this with ease. In short, building muscle via hormones is now out of the question.

The Best Anabolic

Knowing this was coming, I got to work on Progenadrex. Since the gov’t saw fit to take away anything hormonal, I asked myself what the best anabolic really is. It’s not a PH or even any active steroid – it’s food. If you doubt this, go ahead and dose yourself to the gills with your favorite steroid. You can even take multiple. Unless you’re eating 1.) enough calories and 2.) enough protein, you can forget about making any gains.

Conversely, get your calories up to 20x bodyweight and protein at around 1 gram per pound of LBM without pro-hormones, and tell me what you notice: Provided your training is up to snuff, you’ll notice explosive gains. That’s just the truth of the matter, as any bodybuilder worth his salt will tell you.

Increased Appetite

So Progenadrex increases your appetite, and does so largely for “good” bodybuilding foods. Anacyclus Pyrethrum is the ingredient that does this. Even better, it’s capable of preferentially shuttling carbs into the muscle as glycogen. Going a step further, the weight you put on is going to be almost exclusively in the muscles, with very little if any around your waist. It’s a neat trick, and one that’s almost exclusive to the product.


You’ll get a real healthy dose of a very efficient creatine (creatine hcl), replete with other ingredients that’ll improve its uptake and utilization in muscle; The R isomer of lipoic acid and di sodium phosphate.

Creatine transport across the cell membrane and into muscle is sodium (not insulin) dependent, a fact that’s been lost on most formulators. Added to this is Laxogenin, the Ecdy analogue that excels as an anti-inflammatory and recovery agent. The former owner of Beyond A once told me that he sold “caseloads” of Laxogenin to lupus patients, a testament to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Reviews & Results

There are now 26 published reviews, with 95% positive (5 star) ratings. For a natural product free from hormones, pro-hormones, stimulants etc, that’s a VERY rare accomplishment. Take 6 caps on training days immediately pre-workout, and 6 caps with your largest carb based meals on off days. Just make sure to eat at least 300g of carbs a day, with 600 or more for bigger physiques (bodyweight of 240lbs or more).

You should gain at least 1lb a week for anywhere from 4-8 weeks, notice an all day pump from week 3 on and keep almost all of it after coming off. A consequence of the active ingredient in Anacyclus (the alkymides) taking a long time to be eliminated.

If you’re interested further in how Anacyclus Pyrethrum works, I’d recommend the write up found at The details of which will have you wondering why it’s not used more often in sports nutrition. I’d suggest a month off between 4 to 8 weeks of use, during which you should see little to no dropoff in size and strength. It is by all accounts, a product that should be tried at least once.

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