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I’ve heard you talk about the reverse hyper so many times and in such flattering fashion, I’ve decided to order one for my home gym. There are so many models though!

How do I decide, and once I have it how do I get the most out of it?


There are indeed many different reverse hyper models out right now – at least half a dozen by my count.

You have reverse hypers with strap and roller attachments, reverse hypers with angled tables, reverse hypers with a swinging chain vs. pendulum arm. It’s quite confusing.

Having built my own though and used most of the various models, I’m confident that if you’re going to get one – it would be the 5 degree reverse hyper.

It’s footprint is no bigger than other RH’s, but it is rock solid insofar as stability is concerned.

I say that because in the past when I had a lot of weight on there, I needed 2 people just to hold it down!

There’s no such problem with the 5 degree hyper, so named because as far as I can see, the table and weight sleeves holding the plates are angled at 5 degrees.

Getting the Most Out of Your Reverse Hyper

The practical effect is that when the weights swing to a position below your face, it gently tractions the lower back a bit more vs. other models.

The 5 degree angle of the weight sleeves is a huge deal, because they’re angled up – so that the plates won’t fly off (conventional clamps and spring clamps won’t work, as the diameter of the weight sleeves is too small).

To remedy this, there are safety pins at the very edge of each sleeve just in case.

The feet strap is unique in that it slides on and off with ease.

Want a longer range of motion to use more weight? Push the ends together toward the middle pendulum arm.

Want a shorter strap to make things more difficult? Leave the ends near the tip of the weight sleeve. Both are great variations and the strap is on and stays on whichever you use.

And while there are no band attachments per se, two strong bands choked around the front foot rung and placed on either side of the weight sleeve works like a charm.

To give you an idea of just how solid this model is – I’ve had 500lbs on there PLUS a MONSTER BAND, which makes the strong bands look like child play.

The 5 degree RH was rock solid during my work sets, with no movement whatsoever.

Bottom Line

If you’re going to buy one, I’d make it the 5 degree reverse hyper. I think Westside Barbell makes it.

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