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I just signed up for the Blueprint Bulletin and got the free Blueprint e-book. There’s so much information in here, it’s overwhelming. The thing I found most interesting was Cimetidine for fat loss. Can you give me an idea of a starter protocol for someone who’s never used it?

Jerry B.


Cimetidine, an H-2 histamine blocker sold over-the-counter as Tagamet, is used to treat gastric acid and peptic ulcers. It’s available at your local pharmacy, but I like WalMart’s in house Equate brand so named “Acid Reducer”. You get 60, 200mg tabs and it costs under $5. Cimetidine is not currently FDA approved for weight loss. However, if you dig deep enough you’ll find several studies demonstrating cimetidine reduces weight in healthy overweight subjects. Although the method of action is not completely understood, a prevailing theory is that a certain satiety peptide plays a role in cimetidine induced appetite suppression.

The last known studies on cimetidine for weight loss were published in the year 2000. In the study that caught my eye, those using Cimetidine not only lost fat around the waist – but they kept it off vs. controls not using CImetidine*.


It also happens to extend the duration of action and “punch” of many other medications, among these caffeine and SSRI’s. This is a double edged sword, one wich you should approach cautiously. Still, it gives us some inkling as to what else Cimetidine might stack with. Which brings me to…

The EGCG + Caffeine + CImetidine stack.

While you’re at WalMart do look into their generic caffeine tabs, brand name “Jet Alert”. REASON: 90, 200mg tabs online for around $3. You can also pick up Green Tea there, standardized for EGCG. The ideal then, is as follows…

300mg of EGCG

200mg of Caffeine

200mg Citmetidine

2 to 3x’s a day, dosed between meals. What you’ll notice are excellent energy levels and greatly suppressed appetite. Part of the beauty of Cimetidine is that it’s NOT a stimulant. This means you can dose it solo later in the day. That’s important, because for many the late night munchies won’t hit. One curious thing I’ve observed while tinkering with it: Cimetidine completely abolishes the parasthesia or tingles, when dosing GABA on an empty stomach. Try it and see, you’ll notice no flushing, no tingles and no shortness of breath. I don’t know for sure, but suspect it impairs GABA’s ability to get into the brain somehow. If you’re using GABA then, do ensure you take it at least 5 hours away from Cimetidine.

Hope that helps Jerry…

From The BluePrint Power Hour (Nov. 26, 2013)

Coach Rob Regish

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