Tips for Inflammation and Joint Pain


I would like to know how the Red Rice Yeast before work out for muscle brake down and Curcumin for recovery going? And as well as Cucumin for anti-inflamation you mention Activestantin From GLC Are you taking about the one for dogs (It seem to have a lot of good ingredients in it.) And what else for Inflammation and joint pain do you recommend?

– Mark W.


The slingshot cycle experiment is still ongoing, and I can tell you 2 things about it:

  1. The 5 day overtraining/undereating phase is brutal
  2. The next 3 weeks you’ll make some of the best gains of your life

The best pairing I’ve found for RYR is frankly, Synthagen. Curcumin is a close 2nd, but it’s hard to trump Synthagen’s effect of recovery and growth. That’s likely due to all 9 EAA’s being present, along with the other goodies. Curcumin needs more “help” – is the best way I can put it. Understandable, given the building blocks for new muscle have to come from somewhere.  I’m not aware there are multiple Actistatin products, but I do recall seeing dogs/horses and other animals on the literature that accompanied their product. Curcumin, Actistatin, GLC 2000 and Cissus would be my top pics as anti-inflammatories and joint support products.

If we’re going to talk about supps for the Slingshot Cycle, it’s important to keep the goal the goal: Accelerating the process of both muscle tissue breakdown AND growth, with an obvious slant toward the latter. We’re seeing RYR do the job during the undereating/overtraining phase. On the growth side, I’ve got guys using everything from Synthagen to PH’s to SARMS to juice that. In another two months or so, I should have a better handle on what works best. I define “best” btw, as the compound that you retain the most gains with. No sense in gaining big only to lose it, becasue another under-eating/overtraining phase is right around the corner (or should be).

Hope that helps Mark

From The BluePrint Power Hour (Dec. 31, 2013)

Coach Rob Regish

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